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Laura N. Gitlin, PhD

Laura Gitlin
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Laura Gitlin, an applied research sociologist, is internationally recognized in the areas of nonpharmacologic approaches in dementia care, family caregiving, functional disability, and aging in place. She is a well-funded researcher, having received continuous research and training grants from both federal agencies and private foundations, including the Alzheimer’s Association and National Institutes of Health for over 24 years. Her research includes understanding adaptive processes in old age—particularly with the use of assistive devices and environmental modifications—psycho-social-environmental approaches to helping older people with physical frailty age in place, nonpharmacologic approaches to enhancing quality of life of persons with dementia and their family caregivers, mental health disparities in older African-Americans and depression treatments, and translating and implementing evidence-based interventions for family caregivers, individuals with dementia, and older adults with functional difficulties. Dr. Gitlin, an Isabel Hampton Robb Distinguished Scholar, holds a joint appointment in the School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. She leads the Center for Innovative Care in Aging, which examines issues related to developing and testing health-promoting interventions for older adults and their families and implementation science. She was recently awarded an honorary fellowship by the American Academy of Nursing.

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Nonpharmacologic treatment in dementia care; family caregiving; aging in place; adaptation to chronic illness; geriatrics; depression and health disparities
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  • Publications

    Gitlin, L.N., Kales, H.J., Marx, K., Stanislawski, B., Lyketos, C. (submitted). “WeCareAdvisor: Description of a beta test protocol of a web-based platform to help families manage dementia-related behavioral symptoms." BMC Geriatrics.

    Regier, N.G., & Gitlin, L.N. (submitted). “The challenges of dementia-related restlessness for persons with dementia and family caregivers.” International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

    Gleason, K. T., Gitlin, L.N. & Szanton, S. (submitted). “The association of socioeconomic conditions, race and readiness to learn new ways of performing daily activities in older adults with functional difficulties.” Journal of Applied Gerontology.

    Rose, C. Karen & Gitlin, L.N. (submitted). “Background Characteristics and Treatment-Related Factors Associated with Treatment Success or Failure in a Nonpharmacological Intervention for Dementia Caregivers.” International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

    Wolff, J.L., Guan, Y., Boyd, C.M., Vick, J., Amjad, H., Roth, D.L., Gitlin, L.N. & Roter, D. L. (submitted). “Examining the context and helpfulness of family companion contributions to older adults' primary care visits.” Patient Education and Counseling.

  • Research
    • Nonpharmacologic treatment in dementia care
    • Family caregiving
    • Aging in place
    • Adaptation to chronic illness
    • Geriatrics
    • Depression
  • Awards and Honors

    2016 JHU School of Nursing SONie award for Best Media Presence

    2015 Honorary Fellow, American Academy of Nursing

    2014 M. Powell Lawton Award, Gerontological Society of America

    2012 American Occupational Therapy Association Service

    Commendation, Representative of the AMA-PCPI Dementia Measure Development Work Group

    2011 John Mackey Award for Excellence in Dementia Care, Johns Hopkins University

    2010 MetLife Award for the Skills2Care Program with Fox Rehabilitation

    2010 United Way Champion Impact Award for Healthy Aging at Home

    2010 National Institute of Senior Centers Award for the Harvest Health Program with Center in the Park

    2009 Eastern Pennsylvania Geriatric Society, Charles Ewing Presidential Award for outstanding contribution to geriatric care

    2009 Rosalynn Carter Institute Special Merit Award for the Environmental Skill-building Program (Skills2Care) with Fox Rehabilitation

    2008 Center in the Park’s Marguerite L. Riegel Award to CARAH for contribution to services to older people

    2008 American Society on Aging, Network on Multi-cultural Aging Award for the NIMH funded In Touch: Mind Body & Spirit Program with Center in the Park

    2008 Reisberg/ Hearthstone Award for Non-pharmacological Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice

    2007 Fellow, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

    2002 Fellow, Gerontological Society of America

    2001 Academy of Research, American Occupational Therapy Foundation

    2000 Ruth Schemm, Distinguished Educator Award, Department of Occupational Therapy, Thomas Jefferson University

    1990 Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Award of Appreciation

    1989 Alpha Eta Society

    1987 Chapel of Four Chaplains Award

    1974 Dean's List Summa Cum Laude

    1974 Phi Beta Kappa