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Dual Degree Programs

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Students who are motivated by clinical practice, research innovation, and transforming healthcare can benefit from the dual degree options at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Graduates will be prepared to advance their nursing practice skills combined with an integrated curriculum from the Carey Business School for the MSN Healthcare Organizational Leadership/MBA Dual Degree or DNP Executive/MBA Dual Degree, Bloomberg School of Public Health for the DNP Executive/MPH Dual Degree, or within the School of Nursing for the DNP Advanced/PhD Dual Degree.

MSN Healthcare organizational Leadership/MBA Dual Degree

The MSN/MBA Dual Degree Program from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Carey Business School instills the knowledge for what can make struggling health systems better and transform good health systems into excellent ones. The coursework and practica can be tailored to focus on management and administration, information technology, health policy, or case management/population management.

DNP executive/MBA dual degree

A DNP Executive/MBA Dual Degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Carey Business School puts a nurse in rare company alongside leaders of health care or academic institutions setting a course for the future. You have the knowledge, leadership skills, and wisdom needed to get your organization there.

DNP Executive/MPH Dual Degree

A DNP Executive/MPH Dual Degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Bloomberg School of Public Health will provide students with an unparalleled education to prepare for national and global health leadership. You will work side by side with experts, have access to cutting-edge resources, and be ready to respond to the needs of a dynamic and evolving global health landscape.

DNP Advanced Practice/PHD dual degree

Earn your DNP to become a nurse practitioner and earn your PhD in nursing at the same time. Students in the DNP Advanced Practice/PhD Dual Degree program are motivated by clinical practice and research innovations that will
produce practice transformations and improve care. This program is the first in the country where students can receive both degrees simultaneously from one school, and graduates will be prepared at the highest level to conduct clinical research, teach, mentor, and implement innovations to enhance patient outcomes.

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ObjectivesPrepares nurses at the highest level of nursing practice who will lead in applying and translating research into practicePrepares nurses at the highest level of nursing science to conduct research that advances the empirical and theoretical foundations of nursing and health care globally
Competencies and ContentKnowledge and skills in applying and translating research into practice; leads dissemination and integration of new knowledge in health care organizationsKnowledge and skills in theoretical, methodological, and analytic approaches to the discovery and application of knowledge in nursing and health care
Program OutcomePractice leaders such as an advanced practice nurse caring for individuals or other practice leadership positions in nursing such as health care administrationNurse scientists prepared for a career in research in academia or other research-intensive environments focused on the design and testing of interventions to advance nursing and health care
Hopkins Program HallmarksAn intense practice immersion experience with expert clinical facultyAn intense mentored research experience with a faculty investigator with an established funded program of research
Final ProjectA practice application-oriented DNP capstone projectCompletion and defense of an original research project
“Living on a boat for a year, I’ve become a lot more aware of climate change, really feeling that this is our biggest public health challenge. And I’ve pivoted my DNP project to that. … As with COVID, I think there’s this missing voice there—nurses—when it comes to policy development and analysis. It’s long overdue.”
Cristina Watkins, DNP/MPH student

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