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Admissions Talks

Want to be a nurse or advance your nursing career?  It’s a good idea. In Admissions Talks, get to know the admissions team at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. We are here to assist you on your journey into a rewarding career by helping you understand the program opportunities at JHSON and offering advice and guidance on how to navigate the application process.

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Admissions Talks Blogs

  • Welcome to Baltimore! Baltimore is an exciting city with exactly 278 unique and different neighborhoods.  The city has held many nicknames throughout the years, including Charm City, the City that Reads, the Monumental City, and the City that Believes. Baltimore is known for its seafood, most famously for the blue crab sandwich, crab cakes, and […]
  • Whether you are looking to jumpstart your nursing career or are well into your nursing career, mentorship is key to your success, says Dr. Danielle McCamey, Assistant Dean for Strategic Partnerships. With the vast career opportunities available within nursing, discussing your passions and goals with a mentor can help align your next steps into an […]
  • https://youtu.be/ecyZdYNfRNc Hear from a MSN (Entry Into Nursing) student, Heather Woolford about her experience with our Online Prerequisite Program, and why she chose to do her prerequisite classes with Hopkins. Join our email list so you can keep up with the latest opportunities to connect and learn more Admissions Talks is a series by the admissions […]
  • The New Year is a time for people to make resolutions and plans for the future. When deciding what you want to do with your career, one of the significant resources within the School of Nursing is the Career Lab, which helps students in many ways during their time in the program and after graduation.  […]
  • View more Admissions Talks With the application deadline quickly approaching, it is important to put the finishing touches on your application to ensure a smooth submission process. Use these tips to put your best foot forward in the admissions process. Review the Program FAQ This section of the program webpage was carefully curated to ensure […]
  • MSN Healthcare Organizational Leadership Programs track coordinator, Dr. Jihane Frangieh introduces Maria Nicolas and Marquita Vanzego to share their experience as students in the Healthcare Organizational Leadership programs. https://youtu.be/sN1MLMPaJjg Join our email list so you can keep up with the latest opportunities to connect and learn more Admissions Talks is a series by the admissions team […]
  • Congratulations on your acceptance into the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing! The Office of Admissions works hard to put together a variety of virtual and in-person events throughout the year for applicants to connect and learn about their prospective programs. While these events provide students with important information, the events held on Accepted Students Day […]
  • For the fifth year in a row, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing received the “Best Schools for Men in Nursing” award from the American Association of Men In Nursing. This year, the conference was held in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. The weather was perfect, the energy was eccentric, and the food […]
  • Meet Francesca Henry of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Admissions Team. Francesca is the Assistant Director for MSN (Entry into Nursing) recruitment. The MSN (Entry Into Nursing) program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline who want to pursue a nursing career. It is a full-time graduate program to earn […]
  • No matter what graduate nursing program you choose to pursue, one common application requirement will be the submission of recommendation letters from references of your choosing. Reference letters give the opportunity for an outside perspective regarding your academic and professional strengths, passion for nursing, leadership accomplishments, and overall potential for success. Depending on the specific […]