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Excellence. Community. Diversity. These are more than words at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. They are part of the blood that flows through the heart of the school, its students, faculty, and staff. As a top-ranked graduate nursing program in the nation and world, we take our positions as leaders and our roles as global citizens seriously. Our faculty and students come from different backgrounds, locations, and cultures to bring their own experiences into their learning and practice. Students are offered an interprofessional experience that goes unmatched—our campus was built to foster collaboration and the easy sharing of ideas among nurses, doctors, and researchers.

Strong roots within our home neighborhood of East Baltimore offer students as well as experienced nurses a chance to improve the everyday lives of its residents, to grow as caregivers, and to carry lessons learned here out to the global health community. We are building a student body and faculty that reflect the diversity of our East Baltimore community and nation and practice a cultural competence that translates across the world.

“Bring into the school the best possible students, provide for them the best possible instruction, instill into them a realization of their responsibilities, send them out in the profession.”

Elsie M. Lawler

The quote above is etched into the exterior of the School of Nursing as a reminder that our administration, faculty, and staff continue to be committed to this philosophy.

Dean's Message

Dean’s Message

Hopkins Nurses will tackle challenges on health care and immigration head on. Whether our graduates work in a clinic, hospital, Congress, or the community, they are empowered to change the world through policy and advocacy.

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is No. 1 for DNP, No. 1 (Tied) for Master’s in National Ranking

Rankings & Distinctions

Consistently ranked as a top nursing school in the nation.

School Facts

School Facts

The stats, scholarship, and student makeup that make us who and what we are.

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is to improve the health of individuals and diverse communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice, and service.

The academic rigor of our programs, the extraordinary nursing scholarship of our faculty, and our reputation for shaping graduates who are leaders in their profession position us as one of the top nursing schools in the U.S.

Values & Diversity

Along with the values of excellence, accountability, responsibility, and integrity, we embrace diversity to as a way to enhance all of our activities and accomplish the mission of the school. Diversity is one of the five values that the students, faculty, and staff of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing strive to uphold and exemplify.

Our History:

Connected to the Past, Focused on the Future