To Shield and to Serve the Vulnerable

Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S., or more than 10 million per year. The physical and economic costs are extraordinary.

Intimate partner violence, societal gender expectations, and economic opportunity play complex roles in physical and mental health health outcomes in both straight and LGBTQ populations. The challenge is to identify those at risk, and act.

Centers and Initiatives

Our faculty-led, interdisciplinary centers and initiatives strengthen a focused area of scholarship in health care by providing an environment to expand the knowledge base, integrate specific education and practice initiatives, and mentor new scholars.

Faculty Spotlight
Nancy E. Glass
Associate Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health

Nancy Glass conducts clinical and community-based intervention research with diverse populations across multiple settings domestically and globally. Since 2002, Dr. Glass has served as Principal Investigator of nine federally funded multidisciplinary research projects (NICHD, NIMHD, CDC, NIMH, NINR, OWH) to improve safety, health, and economic security and address gender inequity in diverse community and clinic settings. Dr. Glass […]

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