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One Defining Policy: Health Care for All

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is shifting the dialogue on the profession through policy, advocacy, and leadership, turning a hard-won place at the table into a soapbox on care for all.

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s policy initiatives maximize the expertise of nursing beyond the traditional role of caregiver, utilizing skills as researchers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, health care advocates, and—most importantly—problem solvers. The focus is interdisciplinary, cross-university, and forward-leaning, with two main goals: Changing how nurses see themselves (moving from undervalued, necessary cost to a fully valued asset), and changing how the rest of the world thinks of nurses (elevating the policy, communications, and media culture around nursing, and serving as a resource center where policymakers and news outlets can routinely seek nurses’ input).

Centers and Initiatives

Our faculty-led, interdisciplinary centers and initiatives strengthen a focused area of scholarship in health care by providing an environment to expand the knowledge base, integrate specific education and practice initiatives, and mentor new scholars.

Faculty Spotlight
Jacquelyn Campbell

Jacquelyn Campbell is a national leader in research and advocacy in the field of domestic and intimate partner violence (IPV). She has authored or co-authored more than 230 publications and seven books on violence and health outcomes. Her studies paved the way for a growing body of interdisciplinary investigations by researchers in the disciplines of nursing, medicine, […]

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