Chemistry with Lab (NR.110.206)

Tuition Cost

$350 per credit

Total: $1,400 per 4 credit course

Chemistry with Lab (NR.110.206) *

Course Description

The Chemistry with Lab course introduces the core concepts of matter and energy, atomic structure, the periodic system, chemical bonding, nomenclature, stoichiometry, weight relationships, gases, solutions, chemical reactions, thermodynamics and equilibrium. The course includes a virtual laboratory component designed to enhance lecture topics. The course content provides the foundation of general chemistry necessary for students who are interested in applying to health profession programs. (4 credits)

SAMPLE Course Syllabus (pdf download)
Note: This is a SAMPLE course syllabus and does not necessarily reflect the most recent version of the course syllabus. Do not order the textbook found on this sample syllabus. For further information regarding materials for this course, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook Information page.

* Offered, but not required for the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing MSN Entry into Nursing Program.

Course Outcomes

  1. Interconvert amount of substance between moles, mass and molecular weight

  2. Use conversion factors in calculations involving solids, liquids, gases, solutions, heat and energy.

  3. Calculate and express solution concentrations in various ways, such as mass percent, parts per million, mole fraction, molality, and molarity.

  4. Write balanced chemical equations and distinguish between different types of chemical reactions.

  5. Describe the major components of an atom, write symbols for isotopes and calculate the average masses of elements.

  6. Predict direction of change in reactions at equilibrium and measure reaction rates.

  7. Predict the types of intermolecular forces within a compound.

  8. Describe the geometry and polarity of molecules and predict their physical properties.

  9. Describe the properties of acids and bases and measure their concentrations in solutions.

Required Textbook and Course Materials

The custom bundle required for this course includes an electronic copy of the textbook and access to resources within Cengage OWL. Students will also need to purchase access to Labster to complete course lab content.

For further information regarding materials for this course, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook


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* §  Offered but not required for the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing MSN Entry into Nursing program.

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Prerequisite Info Session and Virtual Classroom Tour, May 5, 2023.

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