Approach to Aging that Stands the Test of Time

By 2040, 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 or older and perhaps 28 million will be 80 or older. Improving care for the elderly and defining nursing’s lead role won’t wait until then.

Johns Hopkins Nursing’s Center for Equity in Aging is already leading the way through education (online courses on dementia and psychological issues of older adults reach tens of thousands of trailblazers across the globe); research (fall prevention to dementia intervention to a “guided care” treatment approach), and practice (via CAPABLE, a program that saves health care dollars by keeping seniors safe in their own homes longer, to Fuld Fellows and the student-based Geriatric Interest Group, enhancing and sharing knowledge on nurse roles and quality and safety of care.

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Centers and Initiatives

Our faculty-led, interdisciplinary centers and initiatives strengthen a focused area of scholarship in health care by providing an environment to expand the knowledge base, integrate specific education and practice initiatives, and mentor new scholars.

Faculty Spotlight
Katherine Ornstein

Katherine Ornstein, an epidemiologist by training, is director of the Center for Equity in Aging. Her program of research focuses on older individuals with serious illness and their families and includes work on the downstream effects of health care on families and caregivers; the epidemiology of the homebound population; burden and cost in dementia caregiving […]

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