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Student Organizations at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Here is a sample of the active groups at JHSON – it is not an exhaustive list and you  will learn more about these groups, and others, at the Student Services and Activities Fair that will happen at the beginning of your program.  If you have questions about clubs and organizations at the School of Nursing, email [email protected].

Student Organization Forms and Resources are available here: https://nursing.jhu.edu/information/current-student/student-affairs/organizations/index.html.

Adventure Medicine Team

Mission Statement: The goal of our club is to provide education and collaborate with local organizations that embody the following as a volunteer based or career option for our Nursing Student body. Our core values are embodied by our mission statement and remain passion, safety, integrity, and authenticity. We are gathered in AMT to combine passion for the outdoors and service to others by providing critical and acute nursing care in austere and challenged environments whether by fixed or transient geographical obstacles, or limited resources, in response to natural disasters with humanitarian aid; search and rescue operations; extreme sports; and interdisciplinary expedition collaboration as leadership in planning and guiding; or as evolution of the applied nursing critical care scope develops.  

Asian Pacific American Nursing Students Association

Mission Statement: The Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association (APANSA) at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing seeks to provide a means for all students to experience Asian culture and learn about issues facing Asian and Asian American communities. We host a variety of activities, from community service to social events to discussions with Asian nurses and nurse practitioners.

Black Student Nurses Association

Mission Statement:

  • Standards: To have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the education process.
  • Influence: To influence health care, nursing education, and practice through legislative activities as appropriate.
  • Participation: To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards health care, and the resolution of related social issues.
  • Representation: To represent nursing students to the consumer, institutions, and other organizations.
  • Student Participation: To promote and encourage students’ participation in interdisciplinary activities.
  • Opportunities: To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, lifestyle, disability, or economic status.
  • Relationships: To promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health related organizations.

Critical Care Interest Group

Mission Statement: The purpose of the CCIG is to advocate for the School of Nursing students interested in pursuing critical care.

Fellowship of Christian Nurses

Mission Statement: Christian nursing is a ministry of compassionate care for the whole person, in response to God’s grace toward a sinful world, which aims to foster optimum health (shalom) and bring comfort in suffering and death for anyone in need. This We Believe About Nursing Add link(PDF).

Friends of MSF (Doctors without Borders)

Mission Statement: Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international non-governmental organization that focuses on giving medical care to those in crisis, regardless of racial/political factors. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide members with opportunities to engage with MSF’s work and to promote its campaigns. As Friends of MSF, of the JHU SON Student Chapter, we will strive to raise student awareness and knowledge of the organization’s work in the field and about current and ongoing humanitarian issues. We will support MSF in advocacy campaigns and raise donations for the organization and their field work. We will also share opportunities of volunteerism for non-governmental organizations such as MSF for students to consider.

Global Health Interest Group

Mission Statement: The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG) is an organization of nursing students and faculty to explore and educate on global issues affecting the health of populations around the world and disseminate opportunities to work and learn in a global setting.

  • Promotion of global nursing opportunities.
  • Development of local to global nursing outreach opportunities.
  • Networking opportunities within the global health community.
  • Collaboration with other organizations (student groups within SON and JHU) to further awareness of global health issues to the student population.
  • Education around various health issues related to global health.
  • Create spaces for conversation surrounding relevant issues.
  • Resource center for students interested in GH career.

Healthcare Organizational Leadership (HOL) Student Network

We envision an environment that elevates the student experience through peer-to-peer networking, unique growth opportunities, and shared resources across the student body via a social network.  We do this through:
Connection – Foster a sense of purpose and connection amongst students, holding one another accountable, providing encouragement, and sharing resources to promote professional and personal growth.
Creativity- Design unique opportunities within the Hopkins network to trial and test leadership strategies and skill sets.
Collaboration – Construct partnerships to drive change.
Growth – Personal and professional team building to support and uplift one another through our academic and post-graduate journey

International Students Organization (ISO)

This is a new Organization. Mission Statement coming soon!

Jewish Nursing Student Association

Mission Statement: The mission of JHU’s Jewish Student Nurses’ Association is to provide space for Jewish students to connect and a means for all members of the community to experience Jewish culture and learn about the notion of “tikkun olam,” or “repairing the world,” and how it intersects with our role as nurses. Come hear from the board of Hopkins Jewish Nursing student organization on events we hope to put on during our first official semester on campus. We will be discussing panels and speakers we hope to have and virtual events during the High Holy Days and Hanukkah and how you can get involved in our club. Since we are a new club on campus we would also like to hear your input on what you would like to do and see this upcoming semester! Open to both Jewish and non-Jewish students!

Latin X

Mission Statement: The Latinx Advocacy group aims to bring awareness to challenges that the Latinx population faces. It also aims to learn ways in which healthcare providers can advocate for those facing cultural and language differences, challenges with immigration status, and other factors creating barriers in their healthcare.

Learning Capabilities Personified Cooperative (LCAP)

This is a new Organization. Mission Statement coming soon!

Nurse Anesthesia Professional Interest Club

Mission Statement: The Nurse Anesthesia Professional Club will empower SRNAs to explore various professional and financial opportunities available to them during and after their education, and to develop strong professional networks within the anesthesia community and other healthcare related professions.

Nursing Students for Harm Reduction

Mission Statement: The Nursing Students for Harm Reduction advocates for harm reduction teaching, works to support harm reduction resources and advocates in Baltimore, and bring awareness of evidence-based interventions, such as safe-injection sites and Narcan trainings, to our nursing peers. Nursing Students for Harm Reduction focuses on reducing stigma, creating support, and providing appropriate and informed care to vulnerable groups through education, volunteer opportunities, educational presentations and discussions, and community outreach.

Palliative Care Interest Group

Mission Statement: The Palliative Care Interest Group aims to:

  • Expose students to current issues and career opportunities in palliative care;
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of such issues and opportunities;
  • Offer students opportunities to serve in the community in the area of palliative care; and
  • Advocate for the further inclusion of palliative care nursing in the JHUSON curriculum.

Pediatric Health Interest Group

Mission Statement: To offer nursing students opportunities to learn the pathways to pediatric nursing positions and to gain a better understanding of the role of the pediatric nurse.  Also, To engage with registered and advanced practice nurses who work in the field of pediatrics.

PhD Student Organization (PSO)

Mission Statement: The PhD Student Organization provides a forum for PhD students to support each other, share research and ideas, and interact with faculty.

Psychiatric Mental Health Interest Group

Mission Statement: To bring awareness to mental health nursing and further education into psychiatric nursing plus to provide mental health centered events to cultivate community wellbeing

Student Nurses Association

Mission Statement: To bring awareness to mental health nursing and further education into psychiatric nursing plus to provide mental health centered events to cultivate community wellbeing

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Student Senate

Mission Statement:  To bring awareness to mental health nursing and further education into psychiatric nursing plus to provide mental health centered events to cultivate community wellbeing.

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