Student Organizations at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Here is a sample of the active groups at JHSON – it is not an exhaustive list and you  will learn more about these groups, and others, at the Student Services and Activities Fair that will happen at the beginning of your program.  If you have questions about clubs and organizations at the School of Nursing, email [email protected].

Student Organization Forms and Resources are available here:

ACEs Research and Advocacy group

Mission Statement: The mission of the ACEs Research and Advocacy group is to bridge scholars, organizations, initiatives, and community members focusing on the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and resilience. Through interprofessional learning and collaboration, the group aims to (1) provide a platform for ACEs resources and information exchange, (2) support engagement in research and practice related to ACEs, and (3) advocate for policy change to improve physical and mental health outcomes for those who have experienced childhood adversity.

Adventure Medicine Team

The Adventure Medicine Team stives to provide education and collaborate with local organizations that embody the following as a volunteer based or career option for our Nursing Student body.

Providing critical and acute nursing care in austere and challenged environments whether by fixed or transient geographical obstacles, or limited resources, in response to natural disasters with humanitarian aid; search and rescue operations; extreme sports; and interdisciplinary expedition collaboration as leadership in planning and guiding; or as evolution of the applied nursing critical care scope develops.

Asian Pacific American Nursing Students Association

Mission Statement: The Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association (APANSA) at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing seeks to provide a means for all students to experience Asian culture and learn about issues facing Asian and Asian American communities. We host a variety of activities, from community service to social events to discussions with Asian nurses and nurse practitioners.

Black Student Nurses Association

Mission Statement: The mission of JHU’s Black Student Nurses Association is to embody the values of diversity, respect, and integrity, as well as to foster a commitment to social, health and cultural awareness among nursing students.

Community Health Interest Group (CHIG)

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide health education and screenings to populations that are underserved through Baltimore City and its surrounding counties. This includes organizing health fairs, putting on health events, and various activities geared towards promoting health wellness and early detection of diseases on the individual and community level. The organization will work with other clubs and specialties in a friendly, interprofessional environment to provide the greatest insight for participants of the events. Our goal is to educate the population about ways to prevent serious health complications before the consequences become irreversible, provide needed materials for the community that impact social determinants of health, and provide screenings for the most common of those diseases.

Critical Care Interest Group

Mission Statement: The Critical Care Nursing Interest Group aims to provide insight into nurses that care for acutely and critically ill patients. It is dedicated to providing knowledge about different career routes within acute and critical care nursing, including advance practice nursing. It is also committed to informing nursing students about opportunities, such as shadowing, as they arise.

Fellowship of Christian Nurses

Mission Statement: The Fellowship of Christian Nurses seeks to provide a space for JHUSON students to engage in encouraging, uniquely Christian fellowship. We seek to create outlets for JHUSON students to deepen their understanding of how the Christian faith interacts with nursing, while creating lasting relationships between peers and faculty members of faith. We also hope to encourage JHUSON involvement in the local Baltimore community, including local churches.

Friends of MSF (Doctors without Borders)

As the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing chapter Friends of MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres), we will strive to raise student awareness and knowledge of the organization’s work in the field and about current and ongoing humanitarian issues. We will support MSF in advocacy campaigns and raise donations for the organization, their field work, and specific campaigns that may arise. We will work towards encouraging students to consider volunteering their time or working with non-governmental organizations such as MSF during breaks from school or after graduation.

Gertrude Stein Society (Tri-School)

Mission Statement: The Gertrude Stein Society (GSS) is an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied (LGBTQ+) members of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, including the Schools of Nursing, Public Health, and Medicine. Together, students collaborate to create a safe space for expression of shared experiences for the LGBTQ+ community at Hopkins. Gertrude Stein, the well-known lesbian novelist and intellectual, was a medical student at Johns Hopkins near the turn of the century. GSS seeks to maintain her legacy of active LGBTQ+ presence and involvement in the affairs of JHMI today. We are dedicated to developing and maintaining an even more accepting environment for diversity, inclusivity, and awareness at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. For more information please visit the tri-school webpage here: or the SON chapter here:

Global Health Interest Group

Mission Statement: The Global Nursing Interest Group (GNIG) at the School of Nursing brings together globally and locally active and interested students to enhance knowledge and education surrounding global and local health issues. Through inter-professional collaboration with the School of Public Health and the School of Medicine, we promote these initiatives by bringing internationally active speakers, offering networking opportunities to those interested in local and global health issues, and participating in international field placements and volunteer opportunities. Together we continue to work towards educating and enlightening future local and global health providers, educators, and activists to continue to work towards the betterment of health outcomes around the globe.

Healthcare Organizational Leadership (HOL) Student Network

We envision an environment that elevates the student experience through peer-to-peer networking, unique growth opportunities, and shared resources across the student body via a social network.  We do this through:
Connection – Foster a sense of purpose and connection amongst students, holding one another accountable, providing encouragement, and sharing resources to promote professional and personal growth.
Creativity- Design unique opportunities within the Hopkins network to trial and test leadership strategies and skill sets.
Collaboration – Construct partnerships to drive change.
Growth – Personal and professional team building to support and uplift one another through our academic and post-graduate journey

Hopkins Marathon Team

Mission Statement: The Hopkins Marathon Team (HMT) is a university-wide student group dedicated to promoting personal health and fitness through running. We aim to provide an environment in which both novice and seasoned runners may thrive and achieve personal goals related to long-distance running, whether this means finishing a half marathon or marathon, setting a new personal record, raising money for organizations they’re passionate about, or qualifying for the New York and Boston Marathons. HMT organizes Saturday long runs in and around Baltimore and Tuesday evening social runs from the medical campus, provides structured training plans for two marathons/half marathons each year, hosts social events such as post run breakfasts and happy hours, and encourages experienced runners to give personalized and supportive training advice to novice runners.

Incarceration and Health Justice Initiative (Bi-School)

Mission Statement: In coordination with the Medical School, the School of Nursing has created a new group that will tackle some of the many inequities faced by the prison population in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. The group is called the Incarceration and Health Justice Collective, and they approach these issues through education, service, and advocacy.

Jewish Nursing Student Association

The mission of JHU’s Jewish Student Nurses’ Association is to provide space for Jewish students to connect and a means for all members of the community to experience Jewish culture and learn about the notion of “tikkun olam,” or “repairing the world,” and how it intersects with our role as nurses. Come hear from the board of Hopkins Jewish Nursing student organization on events we hope to put on during our first official semester on campus. We will be discussing panels and speakers we hope to have and virtual events during the High Holy Days and Hanukkah and how you can get involved in our club. Since we are a new club on campus we would also like to hear your input on what you would like to do and see this upcoming semester! Open to both Jewish and non-Jewish students!

JHSON LGBTQI+ Health Initiative

The JHSON LGBTQI+ Health Initiative (LHI) was founded in 2018 in response to significant inequities experienced by LGBTQ people and populations. The mission of JHSON LHI is to train a nursing workforce that provides culturally competent and affirming care for LGBTQI+ individuals and populations. There are numerous faculty, student, staff, and community representatives who have contributed to the work of this initiative, which includes educational tools and resources, fundraisers for local LGBTQI+-led organizations, and opportunities for community engagement.

Latin X

Mission Statement: The Latinx Advocacy group aims to bring awareness to challenges that the Latinx population faces. It also aims to learn ways in which healthcare providers can advocate for those facing cultural and language differences, challenges with immigration status, and other factors creating barriers in their healthcare.

Men in Nursing

Mission Statement: Men in Nursing is an organization open to all nurses who support the role of the male nurse.  We endorse diversity in the profession, encourage men of all ages to join healthcare, and serve our community.  Activities and events include enrichment activities with high school and middle schoolers, community trash pick-ups, and a partnership with Yo! Baltimore, a community center for young adults in East Baltimore. We are in the process of joining the American Assembly of Men in Nursing as an official Johns Hopkins chapter.

mental health grad network (SON)

MHGN promotes mental health and wellbeing among SON students especially since we often neglect self-care in our busy schedules. We create safe spaces to discuss our struggles during events such as our monthly “Whine and Wine” vent session and “Coffee Cafe” for non-academic conversations with your favorite professors!

Nurse Anesthesia Pre-Professional Interest Group (NAPPIG)

To provide a space where students of similar interest, at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, can be knowledgeable on the spectrum of clinical nurse anesthesia, provided professional development, and allowed opportunities to network and learn from anesthesia providers and current student registered nurse anesthetists, in order to improve the skills and knowledge necessary towards becoming an eligible doctoral candidate based on the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist (AANA).

Nursing Public Health Network

Our group is an interdisciplinary network of Johns Hopkins students of all educational levels (post-doctoral, PhD, masters, undergraduate, and prospective), alumni, and faculty across the university and medical campuses. We are a unique joint student group between the School of Nursing and Public Health and we prioritize the interdisciplinary networking nature of this group. We aim to cultivate a network that promotes, educates and raises awareness of the integral, and diverse roles of nurses within the public health sector.

Nursing Students for Harm Reduction

Mission Statement: Nursing Students for Harm Reduction’s purpose is to educate peers, faculty, and community members about harm reduction practices, increase awareness about the effectiveness of using a harm reduction approach to health care, and promote access to harm reduction services in the Johns Hopkins and Greater Baltimore communities.

Nursing Students for Reproductive and Sexual Health

Mission Statement: Nursing Students for Choice looks to promote and improve women’s healthcare rights through awareness, advocacy, activism, and community outreach.

Palliative Care Interest Group

Mission Statement: The Palliative Care Interest Group aims to:

  • Expose students to current issues and career opportunities in palliative care;

  • Provide a forum for the discussion of such issues and opportunities;

  • Offer students opportunities to serve in the community in the area of palliative care; and

  • Advocate for the further inclusion of palliative care nursing in the JHUSON curriculum.

Pediatric Health Interest Group

Mission Statement: To offer nursing students opportunities to learn the pathways to pediatric nursing positions and to gain a better understanding of the role of the pediatric nurse.  Also, To engage with registered and advanced practice nurses who work in the field of pediatrics.

PhD Student Organization (PSO)

Mission Statement: The PhD Student Organization provides a forum for PhD students to support each other, share research and ideas, and interact with faculty.

Psychiatric Mental Health Interest Group

Mission Statement: The mission of the Psychiatric Mental Health Interest Group is to provide interesting and educational experiences organized by students for students on topics surrounding mental health in Psychiatric Nursing and in all aspects of nursing where the psycho-social health of the patient is addressed.

SON& – Balancing Life and Nursing School

Mission Statement: Are you a non-traditional nursing student looking to connect with others like yourself? Join the SON& student group- This student group is all about students balancing their time at the SON & other life responsibilities.  If you are a career changer, have dependent family members, or are juggling a lot outside of school, this may be the perfect group for you!

Student Nurses Association

Mission Statement:  The Johns Hopkins University Student Nurses’ Association (JHUSNA) strives to aid in the professional development of nursing students by offering educational and professional resources and skills, mentorship, community involvement, and leadership opportunities. JHUSNA is a chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). The NSNA mission is to: “mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, and to convey the standards, ethics, and skills that students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.”

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Student Senate

Mission Statement:  To promote and represent student interests, encourage student involvement, and maintain open communication with administration to advance the interests of students.

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