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You can request what is referred to as an ad hoc JHED (or Sponsored Account). The JH Enterprise currently charges $136/yr (11.34/mo) for these accounts. This is a fee Microsoft charges that they are passing along. We have a form you can use to request the JHED here https://nursing.jhu.edu/AccountRequest

Once you complete the info in the form. A survey link is sent to the person for whom you are requesting the JHED enabling them to provide their DOB and SSN securely which are required. Once they respond, a ticket will be automatically created with the SON Help Desk to submit the request.

Note that ad hoc JHEDs expire every 6 months. The requester and account holder will receive a notification as the expiration date is approaching. This needs to be forwarded to the SON Help Desk ([email protected]) by you (not the account holder) requesting that it be extended as/if needed every

Conflict of Interest and Commitment: Faculty Handbook

University policies require that faculty report external activities, including those activities that potentially pose a conflict of interest or a conflict of commitment.

JHU 2021 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy

JHM IRB SOP – Research with Private Organizations

NORA Sponsored Handbook

Updated version will be available soon. This sponsored research handbook provides specific information and guidance. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Resources

Data Management & Sharing Resources from JHU Data Management Services

Data Management Planning

JHU DMS’s resources and guidance for data management plans for grant proposals and project preparation.

Data Organization Best Practices

Some quick tips for effectively naming files and organizing folders of research data.

Metadata Tip Sheet

Ideas for using metadata to more effectively document research data for future use and sharing.

Research Backup Planning Guide

Strategies for developing a plan for backups, security, and preservation for your research data.

De-Identifying Human Subjects Data

Guidance for protecting and removing personal identifiers of research subjects for data sharing.

Making Spreadsheet Data Sharable/Re-usable

Ten tips for making research data within spreadsheets sharable and re-usable.