Subhash Aryal

Administration/Healthcare Organizational Leadership
Adult Health
Electronic Medical Records
Mental Health

Chakra Budhathoki

Randomized controlled trials


Mixed modeling


Cardiovascular disease

Ginger Hanson

Multi-level regression – nested designs

Measurement development – factor analysis

Cluster analysis

Social network analysis

Work and health

Gender-base violence

Biostatisticians’ Goals When Working with You
  • Enhance the integrity and validity of your study

  • Ensure the design has strong internal validity and, if possible, external validity

  • Specific aims

  • Measurement quality

  • Sampling plan

  • Randomization procedures

  • Data management

  • Statistical power

  • Appropriate analyses

Start Working with Us Early and Always!
  • Early in proposal development stage is the best

  • Studies have problems, that is OK

    • Definitely consult with a statistician before making changes and hoping for the best

    • If biostatisticians are active collaborators on the project, they can sometimes see trouble ahead and help to prevent or alleviate it

  • Involve us in database design and data management approach

  • We are an important part of the DSMB

  • We love to do complex analyses but in reality that is a very small part of how we spend our time on a project

  • Role of Co-Investigator on the proposal

  • Biostatistician role in proposal development

    • Align aims, methods, and analyses

    • Conduct preliminary study analyses, if needed

    • Conduct power analyses

    • Write the analysis section of proposals

  • Review the budget to ensure support for data management, data cleaning, and analyses

  • We are able to help depending on the scope of the request

  • Best approach

    • Meet with Nancy Perrin to discuss what is needed, devise analysis plan, and timeline

    • Work will be assigned to a Biostatistics Core member based on interest, expertise, and workload

  • Depending on the amount involvement in the project, the biostatistician may be considered for co-authorship

  • Monthly seminars

    • Measurement

    • Data Management

    • Mediators and Moderators

    • Adaptive Trials

    • Pragmatic Trials

    • Cluster Randomized Trials

    • Observational Methods

    • PROMIS Measures

  • Considering having mini-courses that go more in-depth on certain topics

    • Possible credit for student

  • PhD NRSA Proposal Support

    • Student works with one Biostatistics Core member on the proposal

    • The Student, Adviser, and Biostatistician reach agreed upon aims, research design, and analysis plan

    • Help with power analyses, writing of the analysis section

    • Need to begin working together at least 45 days prior to the submission date

  • PhD Dissertation

    • Goal is to have students participate in the data management training and working group so they can do their own data management under guidance

    • If analyses are complex, it is recommended a Biostatistics Core member is on the committee

    • If no biostatistician on the PhD committee, Biostatistics Core will provide basic consultation

  • DNP Students

    • The DNP program has statistical support integrated into the course of study. DNP students should direct requests for statistical support to the faculty for 817 and/or 818 and their DNP advisors

  • Train project staff in data management, data cleaning, and data integrity (TBD)

  • Hold monthly or bimonthly working group of project staff to discuss issues in recruitment, retention, and data management (TBD)

  • Develop a pool of trained and mentored statistical analysts that can be written into grants (NP)

  • 3-4 students who have demonstrated experience with data management and data analysis

  • After completing a test project, students are assigned to a project and mentored by a Biostatistician

  • Students and Biostatistics Core meet together to discuss ongoing projects

  • Students may be able to help with analyses of manuscripts and presentations when there is no funding available

  • Could satisfy a Research Residency

DateWorkshop TitleSpeaker/s
February 15, 2024Time to Event Analyses
Passcode: ZTL2.U?J

Dr. Nancy Perrin

November 16, 2023Implementation Research Designs
Passcode: [email protected]

Dr. Nancy Perrin

September 27, 2023Biostatistics Lunch Seminar w/Nancy Perrin
Passcode: T@4?9K^p

Dr. Nancy Perrin

October 3, 2023Pilot and Preliminary Studies
Passcode: K&$0F0!&

Dr. Nancy Perrin

September 27, 2023Multilevel Modeling, Analyzing Clustered Data
Passcode: T@4?9K^p

Dr. Nancy Perrin

February 17, 2022

Biostats Workshop
Analysis of Data with Missing Values (PPT)

Dr. Chakra Budhathoki

December 9, 2021

Handling Confounding

Dr. Nancy Perrin

October 19, 2021

Overview of Predictive Modeling

Dr. Nancy Perrin

July 17, 2020

STATA Workshop Part 2

July 10, 2020

STATA Workshop Part 1

November 21, 2019

Implementation and Dissemination Research

Dr. Nancy Perrin

October 18, 2019

Accessing and Analyzing National Health Datasets

Young-Joo Lee, Dr. Elaine Stashinko, and Dr. Yvonne Commodore Mensah

September 12, 2019

Data Consideration for Study Design and Start-up

Dr. Nancy Perrin

May 16, 2019

Research Faculty Highlights: National Data Sets

Drs. Yvonne Commodore Mensah, Nancy Perrin and Laura Samuel

April 25, 2019

Latent Class Analysis

Dr. Nancy Perrin

March 28, 2019

Big Picture Approach to Statistical Analyses

Dr. Ginger Hanson

February 21 & 22, 2019

Data Analysis Retreat

January 29, 2019

Structural Equation Modeling

Dr. Nancy Perrin

December 6, 2018

Handling Confounding

Dr. Nancy Perrin

November 15, 2018

Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Dr. Chakra Budhathoki

November 1 & 2, 2018

Data Analysis Retreat

October 9, 2018

Factor and Cluster Analysis

Dr. Ginger Hanson

September 13, 2018

Multi-level Modeling

Dr. Nancy Perrin

June 14 & 15, 2018

Data Analysis Workshop

May 3, 2018

Handling Confounding

Dr. Nancy Perrin

April 19, 2018

Data Cleaning

Dr. Ginger Hanson

March 26, 2018

Statistical Methods for Analysis of Data Collected Using Pretest-Posttest Designs

Dr. Chakra Budhathoki

February 13, 2018

Design and Analysis Approaches for Developing and Validating Measurement Tools

Dr. Nancy Perrin

November 15, 2017

Pragmatic Trials

Dr. Nancy Perrin

October 23, 2017

Overview of PCORI

Dr. Nancy Perrin

September 14, 2017

Network Analysis

Dr. Ginger Hanson

August 1, 2017

PROMIS Measures

Dr. Nancy Perrin

July 13, 2017

Cluster Analysis and Factor Analysis

Dr. Ginger Hanson

May 18, 2017

Secondary Data Analysis

Dr. Nancy Perrin

April 20, 2017

Predictive Modeling

Dr. Nancy Perrin

March 29, 2017

Handling Confounding: Propensity Scores, Instrumental Variables, Disease Risk Scores

Dr. Nancy Perrin

January 4, 2017

Design Analysis Approaches for Development and Validating Measurement Tools

Dr. Nancy Perrin

November 10, 2016

Mediators and Moderators in Research Design II

Dr. Nancy Perrin

October 3, 2016

Mediators and Moderators

Dr. Nancy Perrin

September 15, 2016

Teaching Demonstration: Getting to Know your Data

Dr. Ginger Hanson

September 13, 2016

Research Demonstration: The Impact of Workplace Policies on Employee Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Ginger Hanson

September 12, 2016

NRSA Support Workshops
Effectively Working with a Biostatistician

Dr. Nancy Perrin

April 19, 2016

PROMIS Measures

Dr. Nancy Perrin

February 25, 2016

Adaptive Trials Workshop

Dr. Nancy Perrin

December 15, 2015

Multi-level Modeling

Dr. Nancy Perrin

November 2, 2015

Design and Analysis Approaches for Developing and Validating Measurement Tools

Dr. Nancy Perrin

September 29, 2015

Observational Research Methods

Dr. Nancy Perrin