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We don’t just “check the box.” We focus on a culture change of inclusion and integration.

Who are we? #WEAREHOPKINSNURSINGDiversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are deeply rooted principles in the nursing profession and in the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. We believe these values are critical to attaining the best research, scholarship, teaching, health care, and service.

  • We embrace diversity to enhance all of our activities and to accomplish the mission of the school.
  • We achieve excellence by attracting and retaining talented and diverse leaders, faculty, students, and staff.
  • We commit to creating an inclusive environment in which diverse opinions and beliefs are a part of and enrich our professional, educational, and personal experiences.
  • We recognize that the responsibility for diversity and inclusion lies with all of us.

Our Strategic Plan models these values and affirms the school’s commitment to advancing and supporting a learning community culture that promotes DEI, and recruits and retains students, faculty, and staff from diverse social and ethnic populations.

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Acknowledgement to the Piscataway Tribe

Acknowledgement to the Piscataway TribeLed by Dr. Teresa Brockie, JHSON developed an indigenous land statement that is read aloud during the welcome remarks at major events to recognize the Indigenous Peoples whose land is now known as Maryland. The statement is prominently displayed in our beloved courtyard as the first acknowledgement of its kind at the university. It reads: “The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing respectfully acknowledges and gives thanks to the Piscataway Tribe, including the Piscataway-Conoy Tribe of Maryland and Cedarville Band of Piscataway, the Indigenous People who are traditional owners of the lands of the Chesapeake Bay region.

We also acknowledge all Indigenous Peoples, the traditional owners of the lands and waters of the United States of America.”

Our people

We each live for a unique purpose and yet we’re all under the umbrella we call nursing. At JHSON, diversity isn’t just a token and it can’t exist without inclusion. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural, compassionate community that values the contributions of our people and empowers them to tell their own stories.

Anatomy of a Hopkins Nurse
There are many misconceptions about nurses. That you’ll only find us at the bedside in a hospital, that we all treat patients, or even that we are all registered nurses. Some of us are none of those things. A lot of us are all of that and more. It’s time to dig into some nurse anatomy to see what nurses are really made of, and how they’re impacting the world locally and globally.

Baltimore Talent Scholars
As a result of the fatal arrest of Baltimore citizen Freddie Gray and the civil unrest that followed, JHSON Dean Patricia Davidson decided to find a way we could support Baltimore City by keeping our most talented students in Baltimore. The Baltimore Talent Scholars program was created to provide scholarships to MSN (Entry into Nursing) students who graduated from Baltimore City public schools.

Diversity shouldn’t be a trending topic. It should shine a light on what we’re doing well. JHSON is proud to highlight the real people in our community regularly and the things they are doing to support diversity, equity, and inclusion through campaigns – including the #DiverseNurse and #MenInNursing campaigns – on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Johns Hopkins University Office of Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap

JHSON renewed its commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive school while creating an inclusive and equitable environment that is consistent with the JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion. We have positioned ourselves to make long-lasting and impactful change for our profession, our community, our nation, and the world.