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Areas of Excellence


Nursing in Our Community

Photo by Chris Hartlove  

"You can take the Hopkins Nurse out of Baltimore, but you can't take Baltimore out of the Hopkins Nurse."
– Martha N. Hill '64, PhD, RN, FAAN,
Dean Emerita of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

The East Baltimore campus of Johns Hopkins University is the only campus in the nation where each of the schools of nursing, medicine, and public health are ranked among the top five in their disciplines—and share a corner with the #1 hospital in the nation.

Throughout the Baltimore community, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is known for its dedication and commitment to serving the neighborhoods around the East Baltimore campus. Students, faculty, and alumni share their Hopkins nursing knowledge as they work, learn, and collaborate with patients and community leaders to provide and improve local health care.

The School of Nursing offers life-changing learning and discovery experiences in the Community Outreach Program. The Department of Community Public Health, ranked #1 nationally, facilitates community partnerships, student learning opportunities, and faculty involvement throughout Baltimore.

Students work to achieve nursing excellence through clinical work in Baltimore schools, shelters, and community clinics—and faculty teach, practice, and research in the community, partnerships that benefit everyone involved.

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