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  • Nurse practitioners are the fastest growing occupation in the U.S., and will be for the next decade.  They represent the highest median salary among the other top 10 fastest-growing professions, and are in such high demand in part because of the shortage of physicians and the aging baby boomer population. Nurse practitioners are able to… The post Episode 34: Nurse Practitioners for All appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • Hear from a MSN (Entry Into Nursing) student, Heather Woolford about her experience with our Online Prerequisite Program, and why she chose to do her prerequisite classes with Hopkins. Join our email list so you can keep up with the latest opportunities to connect and learn more Admissions Talks is a series by the admissions team… The post The Johns Hopkins Online Prerequisites for Health Profession Student Experience   appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • My first teachers in nursing school weren’t nurses. They were veterans of the racist War on Drugs. They were survivors, though not all are living now. My heart is shattered into a million pieces, but the pieces are like mirrors reflecting all the light you brought into my world. I wrote this message anonymously in… The post My First Teachers in Nursing School Weren’t Nurses appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • This episode delves into the powerful connection between resilience and civic engagement that enables underserved communities to not just withstand systemic challenges but to emerge stronger. Our guest for this conversation is Dr. Hahrie Han, the Director of the SNF Agora Institute and a Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Han explores… The post Stronger Together: Resilience and Civic Action appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • Burnout is pervasive today, not just among nurses but among health care executives as well. Guest Liz Boehm, executive strategist at Stryker, and Dr. Cynda Rushton talk about it in the latest episode of the Resilient Nurse podcast. The Resilient Nurse is a special series within the On the Pulse podcast. This podcast discusses the… The post The Resilient Nurse, Episode 10: Burnout Among Nurses… and Health System Leaders appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • In today’s show, we’re talking about School Health Nursing, a new initiative that is bridging the gap in care for school-age children. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is collaborating with Coppin State University and Morgan State University Schools of Nursing to provide a partnership model that creates a system of care that works with… The post Episode 33: School Nurses appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • Congratulations! We are so excited to welcome newly promoted associate professors, Dr. Ariana Chao, Dr. Victoria Hughes, Dr. Bushra Sabri, and Dr. Laura Samuel. Read on to learn about them. Ariana Chao, PhD, MSN, RN, FNP-BC Dr. Ariana Chao, joined the JHSON faculty in May 2023 after six years as an Assistant Professor on the… The post January 2024 New Associate Professors appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • The New Year is a time for people to make resolutions and plans for the future. When deciding what you want to do with your career, one of the significant resources within the School of Nursing is the Career Lab, which helps students in many ways during their time in the program and after graduation. … The post New Year Resolution: Pursuing New Steps in Careers appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • At the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, our community is off to an incredible start! Check out these next generation nurses, PhD students Mickey Dhir, Faith Metlock, and Thomas Hinneh who are driving the equitable transformation of health—locally, nationally, and globally. Mickey Dhir, NP-C, MSN, MBA, AAHIVS, PhD student, received the 2024 Deborah E. Trautman… The post January 2024: The Next Generation of Nurses is Starting Strong appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.
  • The trend continues with nursing ranked as the most trusted profession in America for the 22nd time this century. According to a recent Gallup Poll, 78 percent of U.S. adults rated their trust in nursing professionals as “high” or “very high.” However, overall trust in the profession has fallen since it’s peak in 2020 during… The post Nursing Named Most Trusted Profession for 22nd Consecutive Year appeared first on Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine.