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  • Last year, the Supreme Court overturned Affirmative Action. The decision means that schools can no longer legally consider race as a determining factor for a student’s admission. As a result, educational institutions need to find new methods to achieve their goal of matriculating a student body that reflects the diversity of the real world. But… […]
  • If you weren’t there, you should have seen it, and felt it. As we launched the Institute for Policy Solutions—surrounded by thought leaders and difference makers—at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, it was a capital m “Moment.” Introducing the Institute for Policy Solutions at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and its inaugural leaders,… […]
  • Natalia Barolin has been on the delivery end of well-intentioned programs meant to address health inequities but that didn’t always work well in practice. The disconnect was obvious, and its impact was multifaceted. “I worked in a federally qualified health center. … I was the nurse in charge of implementing [programs] in our clinic, and… […]
  • Alumni Community Week Recap This September, the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association (JHNAA) hosted its second annual Alumni Community Week, aimed at bringing together the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Community. The week included both in-person and virtual events, including a New Nurse Mentoring Meet-Up designed to help ease the transition for recent graduates into… […]
  • Most older adults want to thrive in their own homes (or “age in community”), but this may become difficult for some as daily activities could become difficult to manage. By 2040, 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 or older and about 28 million will be 80 or older. CAPABLE has been addressing this societal… […]