Research Study Recruitment 


The goal of the MEMORI Corps intervention research study is to find out if providing personalized, virtual companion-guided service by trained Companion Guides can help people living with dementia living at home and support their care partner(s).
Eligibility Criteria: Seeking healthy volunteers 55 years and older for to serve as companion guides and seeking persons living with dementia who are co-residing in the community with an informal care partner.  All participants must be English speaking, living in Maryland. Additional criteria can be found on MEMORI Corps’ website.
Study PI: Quincy Samus
Recruitment Period: Jan ’22 – May ’24
Contact: [email protected]; 410-550-6744, Website 

A research study to learn how sound and music can help older adults with subjective memory problems.
Eligibility Criteria: Have subjective memory complaints, MoCA  scored between 18-25; Exclusion Criteria: (1) known diagnosis of schizophrenia or Parkinson disease or another neuropsychiatric disorder; (2) severe hearing impairment; (3) the presence of an acute medical or psychiatric condition; (4) participating in another intervention study.
Study PI: Junxin Li
Recruitment Period: Feb ’22 – Oct ’23
Contact: [email protected]; 443-692-7169; Interest Survey>; Study Flyer