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Research Study Recruitment 


Big Data Analysis of Pain Management Pathways in a Health Equity Framework

We are learning about the experiences of veterans and active duty military in receiving pain management in the military health care system.
Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You are Pacific Islander, Asian, Black, Latino, Alaskan Native or American Indian.
  2. You are 18 years of age or older and enrolled for care at a U.S. Military Hospital anytime after Jan. 1, 2020.
  3. Have chronic pain while enrolled for care.
  4. Agree to be interviewed about your pain, pain management and care experiences via ZOOM or telephone.

Study PI: Janiece Taylor
IRB: IRB00389224
Recruitment Period: Oct 2023 – ongoing
Contact: [email protected]; 443-287-4503

Designed with You

The purpose of this study is to collaborate with family caregivers who have disabilities, to identify their personal unmet needs and discover effective ways to address these needs, benefiting both their individual well-being and caregiving responsibilities. As a participant, you will be invited to partake in an interview and will receive a compensation of $50.

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must be 1) 18 years of age and older, 2) Living in the community in Maryland, 3) Identify as a person with a physical, sensory, or intellectual disability, 4) Serve as a family caregiver for person with a disability.

Study PI: Janiece Taylor
IRB: IRB00388844

Recruitment Period: Sept 2023 – ongoing
Contact: [email protected],
(443) 842-6547‬

Diabetes Care Network Study

We may have family and friends forming one network of care, and our health care professionals forming another. The goal of this study is to understand these networks and their relationship to use of health care services, like urgent care and emergency room visit. Participants would complete a survey with a trained interviewer.

Eligibility Criteria: 1) 65 years of age or older; 2) diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes; 3) living in Maryland; and 4) living independently from an assisted living, rehab facility, or nursing home.
Study PI: Karin Tobin; Catherine Clair
Recruitment Period: Feb ’23 – ongoing
Contact: [email protected], 443-885-0842


The goal of the MEMORI Corps intervention research study is to find out if providing personalized, virtual companion-guided service by trained Companion Guides can help people living with dementia living at home and support their care partner(s).
Eligibility Criteria: Seeking healthy volunteers 55 years and older for to serve as companion guides and seeking persons living with dementia who are co-residing in the community with an informal care partner.  All participants must be English speaking, living in Maryland. Additional criteria can be found on MEMORI Corps’ website.
Study PI: Quincy Samus
Recruitment Period: Jan ’22 – May ’24
Contact: [email protected]; 410-550-6744, Website 


A research study to learn how sound and music can help older adults with subjective memory problems.
Eligibility Criteria: Have subjective memory complaints, MoCA  scored between 18-25; Exclusion Criteria: (1) known diagnosis of schizophrenia or Parkinson disease or another neuropsychiatric disorder; (2) severe hearing impairment; (3) the presence of an acute medical or psychiatric condition; (4) participating in another intervention study.
Study PI: Junxin Li
Recruitment Period: Feb ’22 – Oct ’23
Contact: [email protected]; 443-692-7169; Interest Survey>; Study Flyer