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  • We're All in this Together: Diversity, Values, and Justice
  • October 16
  • We’re All in this Together:  Diversity, Values, and Justice, October 16, SPH Room W5008, 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. 

    Join us for session one in the Social Justice Workshop Series on Shared Values with Keilah Jacques from SOURCE. 

    Values guide our decisions, impact our perspectives, and shape our experiences. In identifying and sharing values, we create opportunities to engage and connect with people of diverse backgrounds in meaningful ways. The construction of shared values are a starting point for social justice in action. This session aligns with  the SON commitment to creating an inclusive community that facilitates engagement among  diverse populations both internally and externally.

    RSVP (Lite Lunch Served)

  • Unpacking Privilege Unlocking Justice
  • November 06
  • Social Identity. Social Justice. Privilege. What does it all mean?

    Please join Session 3 of the Social Justice Series – This 90 minute interactive workshop will highlight the ways in which we all enjoy privilege based on being members of social and personal identity groups. The goal of the workshop is to identify specific ways we can use our privilege to create a more just and caring world where each person is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Participants will:

    • Learn and examine the definitions of privilege, identity, and social justice

    • Illuminate their own privilege as individuals

    • Discuss ways in which they can use their privilege in their personal and professional lives to help create a just and caring world

    Dinner will be served.  RSVP: