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Accepted Students

Celebrate the Start of Your Journey As A Johns Hopkins Nurse

Accepted Nursing Students

Accepted Students Day

Meet current students and faculty, tour the campus, and learn about Baltimore's rich history and near-campus housing.


Friday, April 18, 2014 Register

9:00 am - 3:30 pm


Every story has a beginning and your Hopkins Nursing story begins here. Listen to representatives from various offices walk you through the ins and outs of a day at the School of Nursing. Dates and Schedule

Making the Transition

Make the transition from an accepted student to a current student with the information below. Many of these documents require follow up and should be reviewed carefully. 

Keep a copy of all submitted documents and contact the Office of Admissions with any address, phone, or email changes.

All enrolled students must meet compliance requirements prior to orientation and throughout enrollment.  Several requirements have annual expiration dates, including: 

  • Immunizations

  • CPR card

  • Background check

  • RN licensure (if applicable)

Students must meet all clinical agency requirements. Site requirements vary and may include fingerprinting, drug screening, and evidence of military draft registration. It is your responsibility to maintain, renew, and update each requirement by the expiration date and to keep copies for your personal records.

Starting April 15, 2014

All of the required compliance documents can be uploaded through a secured portal at  Upload Documents

All enrolled students are encouraged to read the information below and follow the directions.  If you have any questions about your compliance documents please call the Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Office at 410-955-7545.

  • Health Requirements

    Student Health Forms, found here, must be completed by a health care provider and submitted prior to New Student Orientation. Students also need documentation of a polio vaccine or a positive IgG titer to confirm immunity.

    STARTING APRIL 15 2014: All of the required compliance documents can be uploaded through a secured portal at

  • Online Modules

    All students must complete the following online modules:

    • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training - Instructions here.
    • HIPPA Online Training - Instructions here.
    • Sunrise & EPR 01 Training for Nursing Students - Instructions here.

    MSN, PhD & DNP students must also complete the following additional module:

    • HIPPA & Research 01 - Instructions here.

    STARTING APRIL 15 2014: All of the required compliance documents can be uploaded through a secured portal at

  • Background Check

    All students must complete a background check and drug screening through Certified Background. More information forthcoming.

    STARTING APRIL 15 2014: All of the required compliance documents can be uploaded through a secured portal at

  • CPR Card Photocopy

    All students must obtain CPR certification prior to New Student Orientation. Students must submit a photocopy of their CPR card.

    STARTING APRIL 15 2014: All of the required compliance documents can be uploaded through a secured portal at

  • Official Transcripts

    Students must submit official transcripts verifying the completion of courses and/or the awarding of a final degree if you completed courses after your acceptance.

    Send to:

    Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
    Office of Admissions
    525 North Wolfe Street
    Student House 100
    Baltimore, MD 21205

    Note: if it is not possible to get an official transcript, a letter on school letterhead validating the completion of all your outstanding coursework and/or indicating the grade or verification of a completed degree will be accepted for enrollment into the program.

  • Student Refunds

    If you are anticipating student financial aid or loans to cover your living expenses, it is important to keep the green Higher One envelope. It contains your card--the key to unlocking your refund preference. Cards will be sent to the mailing address you registered with the School of Nursing. 

    Mailing Dates:
    • Summer-entry:  First week of April
    • Fall-entry:  First week of July
    • Spring-entry:  First week of December 

    If you have any questions about the Student Refund Process, contact Student Accounts at

    Learn more about the refund process

  • Student Health Insurance

    All students must maintain adequate health insurance coverage. Students may purchase the student health plan (SHP). Enrollment forms will be mailed to attending students 30 days prior to your first semester.  If you plan to maintain adequate coverage please complete the online waiver form

  • Helpful Information

    Dosage Calculation

    Includes information on dosage calculation book and practice problems; this is for your information and does not have to be turned in. Dosage Calculation

    Nursing Terminology

    Includes useful terminology used throughout the program. B.U.R.P.S./Talk Like a Nurse

    Clinical Dress Code Policy

    A comprehensive list of all rules regarding student uniforms. View Policy

  • Equipment & Uniforms for Bachelor's Students


    • Watch with a second hand
    • Stethoscope (Littman Classic II recommended)
    • Adult size aneroid blood pressure cuff


    Clinical placement at The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) requires students to wear a white polo top with navy blue scrub bottom. Navy blue scrub tops are permitted at JHH clinicals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    View a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Computer Recommendations

    Students have access to over 100 computers throughout our buildings. Additionally, the school requires students to own a laptop for use at home or while in the building. If you already own a computer that you wish to use for school work, ideally it should be no older than three years old with sufficient processing power and memory to run current versions of Microsoft Office, and possibly more demanding applications such as statistical software and Second Life.  If you need to purchase a new computer, recommended systems are listed below.

    Faculty may require you to use your personal laptop for course related work, so you should be prepared to bring your laptop with you to class fully charged.  A few rooms within the school are equipped with power, but not all. The School supports a high-speed wireless network with coverage throughout all of the school buildings. The SON Help Desk, part of an array of IT services offered by the ITS department, offers on-site technical help for students, including limited support of student laptops.

    New Computer Purchases

    If you plan to purchase a new computer before starting your studies, we strongly encourage you to purchase a laptop computer recommended by the Johns Hopkins Mobile Computing Program (MCP).

    The JHU MCP works with Apple and Dell to create offerings for students that are reasonably priced, powerful enough to run most applications that you’ll need during your course of study, and with support and warranty coverage that is much better than what you typically get when purchasing a laptop outside of the MCP program. Additionally, if you purchase a laptop through this program, the SON Help Desk can provide limited support for your system. You also have the option to obtain onsite warranty service for Dell and Apple laptops from Technical Assistance in Garland Hall on the Homewood campus.

    Recommended Systems and Options

    As of March 2013, the School of Nursing recommends the following two laptop options for new purchases. You should be successful with either a Dell Windows laptop or an Apple Mac laptop, but a Windows laptop may be a better option if you are a graduate student or plan to later continue graduate studies, as some statistical programs currently run only on the Windows operating system. The SON Help Desk is able to provide limited repair service for Dell laptops.

    Dell Inspiron 14Z Ultrabook w/ Intel Core i5

    • Windows 8, Intel Core i5 (2.6 GHz), 14” HD LED display, Intel HD Graphics, 6 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive
    • 3 year warranty included

    Mobile Computing Bundle 13.3" MacBook Pro MCP

    • Intel Core i5 (2.6 GHz), 13.3” HD display, 4 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive
    • 3 year AppleCare Protection Plan included (NOTE: Apple does not offer accidental damage protection)

    How to Purchase

    Visit the MCP program website for more information and to order your laptop.  Order laptop

    NOTE:  For Apple orders, follow the directions in “To select your system” for pick-up/shipping options.

    Internet Service Recommendations

    Broadband Internet access (cable, FIOS or DSL service) is strongly recommended for a successful computing experiencewhen working at home, and is required for some online courses. Satellite Internet access is not recommended due to high latency (delay in transmission of data).

    If you plan to conduct school work in a public location (non-JHU library, coffee shop, etc.) or at work, the SON cannot guarantee that all applications used in various courses will work due to restrictions on public and corporate networks that are beyond our control. Hospitals in particular often have very restrictive firewalls in place that may inhibit access to online videos, web conferencing, and other similar applications that some of our courses use.


    You are encouraged to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. You can obtain one free copy for one computer at

    • Office 2013 Win
    • Office 2011 Mac

    Students are encouraged to install antivirus software. IT@JH provides free antivirus software for personally owned Windows and Mac computers.  You will need to log in with your university-assigned account (JHED) to download the software. This account will also be provided to you during orientation. Download antivirus software

    To access the JHU OnTheHub link above, you need to use your JHU JHED ID username and password (for more information about JHED, see

    More information about your JHED account and student email will be provided to you closer to the start of classes.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions about these computer recommendations, please send an email to the SON Help Desk,


JHU School of Nursing
525 N. Wolfe Street,
Baltimore, MD 21205

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