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  • Maintain a record of all SON faculty with work or an interest in palliative care
  • Create a strategy to raise the profile and influence of JHSON in palliative care locally, nationally, internationally
  • Identify Palliative Care interest streams, e.g. critical care, community, methodologies, public health, aging, diversity and inclusion
  • Produce publications and research
  • Connect with other interest groups to facilitate co-authorship/co-research
  • Identify student mentorship opportunities (support for palliative care student interest group as well as individual MEN, MSN, DNP and PhD students with an interest in palliative care)
  • Connect with the wider JH system for palliative care
  • Maintain a core leadership group to ensure sustainability
  • Invite guest speakers and host events

Faculty Leader: Rebecca Wright

Diana Baptiste
Valerie Cotter
Patricia Davidson
Bryan Hansen
Emily Johnson
Sharon Kozachik
Catherine Ling
Jennifer Milesky
Brenda Smith Nettles

Gloria Ramsey
Natalie Regier
Ibby Tanner
Jennifer Wenzel