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Jennifer A. Wenzel, PhD, MS, RN

Associate Professor
Director, PhD and Postdoctoral Programs
Jennifer Wenzel
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Aging
  • Cancer
  • Care Coordination
  • Community
  • Disparities
  • Diversity
  • End of Life
  • Equity
  • Ethics
  • Family
  • Health Behavior
  • Palliative Care
  • Quality Improvement


Jennifer Wenzel develops and implements interventions to address cancer care and health services issues for patients and caregivers with the goal of eliminating cancer disparities. Her expertise spans qualitative and mixed methods designs; improving care processes for older African American populations, including cancer screening and treatment and chronic illness self-management practices; treatment decision-making; minority recruitment and decision-making related to clinical trials. Dr. Wenzel holds faculty appointments at the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Nursing and Medicine with an appointment in the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her scientific contributions in the area of community health worker/patient navigator interventions, health disparities, health services, chronic illness self-management, and support issues for older cancer patients and caregivers. Dr. Wenzel has been funded by the NIH, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and other foundations. Dr. Wenzel directs the PhD and Postdoctoral Programs at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, chairs the Health Disparities Committee for NRG Oncology, and serves as the Health Disparities Special Expert on the NCI Symptom Management & Health-related Quality of Life Steering Committee.

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  • Publications/Research

    Ver Hoeve, E.S., Simon, M.A., Danner, S.M., Washington, A.J., Coples, S.D., Percac-Lima, S., Whited, E.C., Paskett, E.D., Naughton, M.J., Gray, D.M., Wenzel, J., Hamann, H.A. (Accepted for publication 2022). Implementing Patient Navigation Programs: Considerations and Lessons Learned from the Alliance to Advance Patient-Centered Cancer Care. Cancer.

    Choi Y, Parrillo E, Wenzel J, Grabinski VF, Kabani A, Peairs KS. (Accepted for publication 2022). Optimizing cancer survivorship in primary care: Patient experiences from the Johns Hopkins Primary Care for Cancer Survivors Clinic. J Cancer Survivorship.

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    Lee, H., Marsteller, J., & Wenzel, J. (Accepted for publication 2021). Dental care utilization during pregnancy by Medicaid dental coverage in 26 states: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 2014- 2015. Journal of Public Health Dentistry.

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    Draughon Moret, J., Sheridan, D., & Wenzel, J. (Accepted for publication 2021). ‘Reclaiming control’ patient acceptance and adherence to HIV Post-exposure Prophylaxis following sexual assault: A qualitative interpretive description. Global Qualitative Nursing Research.

    Niranjan, S., Wenzel, J., Martin, M., Fouad, M., Vickers, S.M., Konety, B., & Durant, R. (2021). Perceived Institutional Barriers Among Clinical and Research Professionals: Minority Participation in Oncology Clinical Trials. JCO Oncology Practice, 17(5), e666-675.

    Wenzel, J., Mbah, O., Xu, J., Moscou-Jackson, G., Saleem, H., Sakyi, K., & Ford, J. (2014). "A Model of Cancer Clinical Trial Decision-making informed by African American cancer patients." Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. Advance online publication.

  • Awards/Honors

    2017   ACS Doctoral Degree in Nursing Award: Faculty Mentor

    2016   AACN Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars: Faculty Mentor 2016 Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar Program: Faculty mentor

    2016   Oncology Nursing Society: Excellence in Writing Award for Qualitative Nursing Research (Senior Author)

    2015   Robert Wood Johnson Future of Nursing Scholars Program: Faculty mentor

    2015   Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Office of Teaching Excellence: Teaching Innovations Award

    2015   Fellow, American Academy of Nursing

    2014   Elvie F. Swinson Nursing Alumnus of the Year Award—Southern Adventist University

    2012   Oncology Nursing Society: Excellence in Writing Award for Qualitative Nursing Research

    2009-2014   American Cancer Society Mentored Research Scholar

    2008-2011   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars, Inaugural cohort