The RESILIENCE Center’s Knowledge Translation goals are:

  • Raise awareness so that key messages and approaches from the developed interventions spread, such as focusing on what matters most to people with disabilities and their caregivers

  • Increase use of research findings from the 5 projects

  • Translate research into local, State, and Federal policy.

The audiences for the Center’s content are people with disabilities and their families, disability and aging service providers, researchers and students, and policy partners such as federal and state and local agencies and non-profits.

Our Knowledge Translation Strategy consists of Dissemination Activities, Training, and Technical Assistance.

Dissemination Activities

Dissemination plan and activities will have two important features:

  1. Attends to the core components for dissemination of materials and findings across research projects

  2. Builds readiness for adoption, implementation, and sustainability in the field.


  1. Build the capacity of organizational and individual stakeholders to better serve people with disabilities and their caregivers

  2. Conduct policy training based on the outcomes of the research projects

  3. Prepare the next generation of a diverse group of researchers to conduct methodologically rigorous research on disability and caregiving across contexts and life stages to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities and society

Technical Assistance 

Using implementation science methods, we will first learn about the organizational, individual, and environmental factors to tailor our Technical Assistance.