Educational Strategies and Evaluation

Resources compiled for this toolbox include information on pedagogy, curriculum guidelines, course design, teaching strategies, assessment methods, technology resources, simulation, education instruments and Certified Academic Nurse Educator.


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Preparing for Term Start

Learn more about how to work with our Course Support Team to prepare your course site for term start.

Teaching Resources

Learn more about the teaching resources we provide.

Kaltura Resources

Learn more about Kaltura.

Policies & Guidelines

Learn more about Policies & Guidelines.

Digital Repository

Learn more about the Digital Repository: Graphics, Images, and Videos available for use in faculty presentations and educational material.


Learn more about accessibility.

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The Instructional Design and Technologies Team (IDT) works collaboratively with JHSON faculty to develop and build online, blended, and web-enabled face-to-face courses.

The Course Support Team (CST) works collaboratively with JHUSON faculty to prepare and maintain all course materials and ensure quality of course setup from before the semester begins through the end of the semester.