Kaltura is a cloud video platform available to Johns Hopkins School of Nursing faculty with tools for recording, editing, and sharing videos and slides. Kaltura’s  integration allows for sharing course-related videos, screencasts, and more. Faculty can also sign into SON Kaltura MediaSpace with their JHED credentials to upload media and record via Kaltura Capture or Express Capture.


  • Record a video or screencast (or combination of your webcam and screen or slides)

  • Auto captioning and option to edit captions for accuracy

  • Searchable, interactive transcripts for videos

  • Basic editing tools: trim, slice, etc.

  • Create video quizzes that pass grades to the Gradebook

  • Upload and share large video files into Canvas

Kaltura Quick Start Guides

The quick start guides below were developed by the SON Instructional Technology team to provide faculty with instructions and workflows specific to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Kaltura Learning Portal

Kaltura Learning Portal offers short “How To” tutorial videos that cover the various Kaltura workflows. 

Kaltura Capture Application

Kaltura Capture is a desktop recording software that has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. It can record your webcam, screen, microphone, or a combination of those options. Kaltura Capture is supported both on Windows and Mac. Sign into your SON Kaltura MediaSpace account to download the Kaltura Capture application.

Helpful Resources
Reccommended Use Cases
  • Record a presentation or lecture that is longer than five minutes

  • Use Kaltura Capture if you plan on utilizing the quiz or interactive video paths feature

Kaltura Express Capture

Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser or within Canvas without the need to install any additional software. Recording with Kaltura Express Capture lets you make basic video recordings in Kaltura. Unlike Personal Capture, Express Capture does not require the installation of any software on your computer. You can access Kaltura Express Capture via SON Kaltura MediaSpace or via a Canvas course.

Helpful Resources
Reccommended Use Cases
  • Welcome students to your course by creating an introductory video

  • Post weekly video announcements introducing the module, or provide a review of the week in preparation for the upcoming week

  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions

  • Include an assignment overview video with assignment instructions

Kaltura FAQs

This system for adding content is limited to Johns Hopkins School of Nursing faculty and enrolled students. You upload your media in your course or Kaltura MediaSpace.

Yes, you can upload and record media from your mobile device. Download Kaltura MediaSpace Go on your phone’s app store (Google Store / Apple AppStore)

The collaboration tool in MediaSpace allows for collaborative editing or publishing abilities. You can give others the power to edit your media items and the ability to publish your media.

Machine captions are available for all media uploaded to the Kaltura platform. After uploading your media, you may order machine captions at no cost to you. Machine captions are generally about 70% to 80% accurate; however, these results may vary depending on your audio track’s quality. Please keep in mind that because this is a machine captioning of the audio, the transcript will not be perfect. You should anticipate that the transcript will need editing.

Use the trimming tool to trim the start or end of your media. Sample Use Case: Let’s say you would like to trim off the first minute and last 30 seconds of the video. Clipping allows you to create clips from existing media. You can create shorter clips from your own media or you can allow others to create a clip from your media. If you allow others to clip your media, it would also allow them to create a copy by making a clip of the full media item. Sample Use Case: Let’s say you would like to create a one-minute clip.

It is best practice to keep your original files. MediaSpace optimizes and transcodes your files to a web-friendly format, and the original recordings are removed. If you should ever need to publish your media somewhere else, your source files are the highest quality versions.

Publishing your media allows others to access your media items. The location that you choose publish will determine who will be able to view the media and how they will access it. There are two types of places where you can publish your media–channels and galleries.

The view count updates once every 24 hours, so you will not see changes immediately.

No, when you delete something on MediaSpace, it’s forever. We do not possess any means of recovering deleted files, so please be sure to keep your original files and only delete those items that you are sure that you no longer need. We typically do not delete media, and remove it from view instead.