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Preparing for Term Start – Instructional Design, Technology, and Support


The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has over 150 unique courses that are maintained within the Canvas LMS, with each semester requiring the maintenance of anywhere from approximately 150-230 individual course sections, and management of 2500 – 3500 students records and requests across all course sites. To support these courses and ensure quality across degree programs, our service coordinates with approximately 150 full time, part time, and adjunct faculty.

Preparing to Teach: Resources

Reviewing & Submitting Course Materials      Quality Assurance & Course Readiness

Course Site Access/Enrollments & Availability     Maintaining Course Content


Getting Started

Major Deadlines

The AY Major Deadlines for Course Readiness can be reviewed in the chart below. These are the due dates that must be adhered by faculty course coordinators to ensure the Instructional Design, Technology, and Course Support (IDTS) Team will have ample time to organize course sites and ensure they are ready for student access. For this reason, it is also incredibly important that anything that is submitted to meet the requirements below (syllabus, rubrics, assignment instructions, etc.) is the finalized version – revisions of submitted materials can cause myriad issues with quality assurance and will be reported to the vice dean and/or program director for further review.

2023 Term Start schedule

AY 2023 Term Start Schedule and Timeline

Working with the IDTS Team

To allow for streamlining and robust support across degrees and programs, the IDTS Team is currently organized to function as a unit allowing multiple team members to respond to a given need. 

Below is a breakdown of which member of the IDTS Team. To find contact information for each of the team members below, please visit our Instructional Design & Course Support page.

Course Schedule & Teaching Assignments

In most cases, faculty members should have ample time to prepare to teach their courses, as they should be notified of what courses they are assigned to teach within the full upcoming academic year by the Academic Affairs office and/or their Program Director. This then allows instructors to plan ahead with regards to textbooks, e-Reserves, and making more substantial adjustments to the Canvas course content.

The most recent version of any current or upcoming semester course schedule can be found on the SON website’s Course Schedules & Descriptions page.

Planning Ahead

In an effort to assist with planning and implementation of revisions and/or major course redevelopment, we provide access to the full calendar for the entire Academic Year on the SON website’s Academic Calendar page. This calendar includes information about when classes begin and end, which national holidays fall during the semester, and when grades are due.

2022-2023 Academic Calendar