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The 2018-19 academic calendar is available here.


Fall Term
Aug 30 - Sept 1New Student Orientation
Sept 4Labor Day, School Closed
Sept 5First Day of Classes for all Academic Programs
Sept 14Last Day of Add/Drop
Oct 20Deadline to withdraw from semester-length courses without a "W"
End of first 7 week-length courses
Oct 23Fall Break - No classes for all Programs; Progressions Review
Oct 24Start of second 7 week-length courses
Oct 24 -Nov 3Academic Advising
Nov 8 -22Course Registration for Spring 2018
Nov 22 - 26Thanksgiving Break, No face-to-face classes on November 23rd
Dec 8Last Day of Classes
Dec 11 -15Final Exam Week
Dec 15Fall Degree Completion Ceremony
Deadline for Resolution of Incompletes from summer 2017
Dec 22Fall 2017 Grades Due
Dec 29JHU Conferral Date - Final Degree Transcript and Diploma Release Date


Spring Term
Jan 2First Day of Classes for Winter Term
Jan 5Last Day to withdraw from Winter Term Courses without a "W"
Jan 12End of Winter Term
Jan 15Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday Celebration, School Closed
Jan 16First Day of Classes for Spring Semester
Jan 26Last Day of Add/Drop
Mar 2Deadline to withdraw from semester-length courses without a "W"
Mar 5 - 9Spring Break, No Classes for all Programs, Progressions Review
Mar 12 - 23Academic Advising
Mar 26 - Apr 6Course Registration for Summer 2018
Apr 9 - 27Course Registration for Fall 2018
Apr 27Last Day of Classes
Apr 30 - May 4Final Exam Week
May 4Deadline for Resolution of Incompletes from Fall 2018
May 11Spring 2018 Grades Due
May 22School of Nursing Diploma Ceremony
May 24Johns Hopkins University Commencement Ceremony
Summer Term
May 14First Day of Classes
May 25Last Day of Add/Drop
May 28Memorial Day, School Closed
June 22Deadline to withdraw from semester-length courses without a "W"
July 4Independence Day, School Closed
Aug 3Last Day of Summer Term
Aug 6Summer Degree Completion Ceremony
Aug 10Deadline for Resolution of Incompletes from Spring 2018
Aug 10Summer 2018 Grades Due

Academic calendars may vary among University divisions. Students planning to register for courses at another school within Johns Hopkins University should request an academic calendar specifically from those divisions.

In preparing the calendar for an academic year, it is impossible to avoid conflict with some religious holidays. As conflicts arise, efforts are made to make special arrangements for students affected (see SON Religious Observance Attendance Policy).