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Mohammad H. Yarmohammadian

Name: Mohammad H. Yarmohammadian
Focus Area: Mohammad H. Yarmohammadian is from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. His interests are health planning and management, quality improvement, and medical education and curriculum.
Length of Stay: 2017 to March 2018

Jie Li, PhDName: Jie Li, PhD
Focus Area: Jie Li is an associate professor at the School of Nursing, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, where she teaches Introduction to Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Gerontological Nursing. She has experience in teaching in Chinese and in English
Length of Stay: June 2017 to June 2018


Chong Tian, PhDName: Chong Tian, PhD
Focus Area: Chong Tian focuses on interdisciplinary, innovative care for elderly patients and those with chronic conditions. Her research background includes molecular biology, population-based studies, and social science.
Length of Stay: June 2017 to May 2018


Name: Ayako IshiiAyako Ishii
Focus Area: Interested in learning how research projects are managed and practiced in the Johns Hopkins Nursing Division of Quality and Safety/ Health Systems Management
Length of Stay: 2017 to February 2018


Wentao PengName: Wentao Peng
Focus Area: Interests are in pediatric research focused on neonatal care and nurse management in the pediatric department including nurse training, patient safety, and child-life activities.
Length of Stay: 2017 to December 2018


Fengzhi ZhangName: Fengzhi Zhang
Focus Area: Focused on the quality and safety of care, nurse management, and nursing education.
Length of Stay: September 2016 to August 2017


Bing Zhao, RNName: Bing Zhao, RN
Focus Area: Focused on nursing leadership and professionalism in health care.
Length of Stay: September 2016 to August 2017


Deqin Huang, PhDName: Deqin Huang, PhD
Focus Area: Focused on improving nurse-led geriatric care.
Length of Stay: September 2016 to August 2017


Howieda Ahmed Abdelmohimen Fouly, PhD, MSN, RNName: Howieda Ahmed Abdelmohimen Fouly, PhD, MSN, RN
Focus Area: Focus on teenage pregnancy, newborn care, and maternal health, preventive measures against breast and cervical cancer, and gynecological health of adolescents.
Length of Stay: March 2017 – June 2017

Maria Lameiras-Fernandez, PhDName: Maria Lameiras-Fernandez, PhD
Focus Area:
Focused on intimate partner violence
Length of Stay: January 1, 2017 to June 2017


Li-Ping WangName: Li-Ping Wang
Citizenship: China
Focus Area: Research on aging and interventions for caring for the aging population in China

Length of Stay: 12 Months (March 2016 – March 2017)

Wang XuanName: Wang Xuan
Citizenship: China
Focus Area: Research on acute and chronic care t and approaches to cardiac care nursing education

Length of Stay: 6 Months (Feb 2016 – May 2016)

Juntao ChiName: Juntao Chi
Citizenship China
Focus Area:
Fellowship through the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing (IDEN) and Sigma Theta Tau International
Length of Stay: 5 Months (Jan 2016– May 2016)

Amal AhmedName: Amal Ahmed
Citizenship: Egypt
Focus Area: Research on developing and implementing cardiac rehabilitation programs for school aged children and adolescents with heart disease

Length of Stay: 6 Months (Feb 2016 – August 2016)

Agnes TiwariName: Agnes Tiwari
Citizenship: Hong Kong
Focus Area: Domestic Violence research

Length of Stay: 6 Months (Jan 2016 – June 2016)

Yingjuan CaoName: Yingjuan Cao
Citizenship: China
Focus Area: Developing a research proposal to examine cardiovascular disease in China

Length of Stay: 12 (current)(Oct 2015-Sept 2015)

Joanna TaylorName: Joanna Taylor
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Focus Area: Nursing Research

Length of Stay: 1 Month (August 2015)

Piyanun LimruangrongName: Piyanun Limruangrong
Citizenship: Thailand
Focus Area: Research and analysis on obesity in pregnancy

Length of Stay: 2 Months (Aug 2015-Sept 2015)
Testimonial: "Dear Professor Dr. Patricia Davidson

The manuscript was accepted to publication in the Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research, volume21 number 2, April-June 2017 already. Thanks you so much for all your supports and suggestions. For the collaboration visiting scholar to John Hopkins School of Nursing since 2014, I have been always greatly honored. It provide a valuable experience and many best friends. I wish you and you family happy and healthy." - Patiporn Bunyaphatkun


Hala EldoseriName: Hala Eldoseri
Citizenship: Saudi Arabia
Focus Area: Developing an internet-based resource center for promotion of women's rights and prevention from violence against women and girls in Saudi Arabia

Length of Stay: 12 Months (2014-2015)