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The mission of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is to improve the health of individuals and diverse communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice, and service.

The academic rigor of our programs, the extraordinary nursing scholarship of our faculty, and our reputation for shaping nursing graduates who are leaders in their profession position us as one of the top nursing schools in the U.S.

Our 2020 Strategic Plan

Aligned with The Johns Hopkins University’s Ten By Twenty priorities we are in the process of developing a strategic plan to guide our school. Our five goals are below, many of which will seem familiar to you.  You will see that we have continued to focus on areas that have long distinguished us as a leader and have added new areas to position us for thought leadership, enacting our mission and modeling our values.

1. Foster collaboration and INTERPROFESSIONAL education, practice, research and policy

Achieving this goal will require the efforts of the entire Hopkins Nursing community to build new relationships and expand our networks so that we can work in interdisciplinary teams to improve not just the quality but value of healthcare locally and globally.

2. Model EXCELLENCE in research, scholarship, teaching and practice

To model excellence, we must all share ideas and contribute to an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. We need to develop an organizational structure and processes that develop a strong and qualified pipeline of employees, both faculty and staff. 

3. Advance and support a school culture that promotes DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION

If we really want to move the needle on this issue, it will take a new approach and a commitment from all of us, together, to promote open dialogue and model our values of respect and accountability. 

4. Lead innovation, capacity and sustainability in COMMUNITY AND GLOBAL HEALTH

Our emphasis on community and global has become synonymous with Johns Hopkins Nursing. In our community, we continue to provide services and have a great impact, but the Affordable Care Act has changed the landscape, and we need to ensure we respond appropriately. Globally, we need to continue to broaden our network, while recognizing that much can be achieved from Baltimore through technical support, fundraising, advocacy and mentorship.

5. Create an environment and SPACE THAT INSPIRES, connects and engages our faculty, staff and students and fosters healthcare leadership and relationships with our partners

This is a goal you don’t typically see in a plan, and it doesn’t just refer to physical space.  It refers to creating an environment that connects and engages us as a thriving community – internally and externally.

The Horizon

These key five goals will act as scaffolding – rather than a fixed structure – to build on our successes. It is critical that our strategic direction reflects the changes occurring in the nursing profession, higher education and an uncertain world around us. From the Affordable Care Act to our changing and growing population, never before has there been such a convergence of events that can move our profession forward.

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