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    The ASC regularly offers content-area tutoring for the following MSN (Entry into Nursing) courses: Pathophysiology, Health Assessment, Foundations, Biostatistics, Chronic, Pharmacology, Older Adults, Complex, and Psych. Assistance in any course not listed is provided on a case-by-case basis, dependent on current staff qualifications and availability.  

    There are two types of tutoring available to MSN (Entry into Nursing) students: Ongoing Groups and Stand-Alone 1-1s.

    Ongoing Groups

    Ongoing Groups are tutoring groups of 3-4 students that are assigned to work with the same tutor for the entire semester. Ongoing Groups can be requested by individual students or by pre-assembled groups of 3-4 students. Individual requests are matched and sorted into groups by the ASC Manager. Ongoing Groups can be requested at any point in the semester and are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

    Ongoing Groups provide consistency and structure, which can be helpful for students at any level. They are extremely customizable, and we will work with you to make sure your group is and continues to be a good fit for your learning needs. The key to a positive ongoing group experience is ensuring that group members are well-matched in terms of need and/or proficiency level. For this reason, if you are submitting an individual request, please provide as much information as possible so we can better match you to a group.

    Pre-Assembled Ongoing Group Request Form

    Individual Ongoing Group Request Form

    Stand-Alone 1-1s

    Stand-Alone 1-1 appointments are tutoring sessions that you can book yourself, in which you will meet one-on-one with a tutor for an hour. Stand-alone appointments for MSN (Entry into Nursing) students have the following restrictions:

    Maximum of 2 appointments in a given week (Sun-Sat)
    Maximum number of appointments per semester: 14 (fall/spring) or 12 (summer)


    *If you feel you need a greater level of academic support than the available tutoring options, please contact the ASC Manager, Renée Mitchell-Matsuyama, to discuss your situation

    Instructions for Booking Tutoring

    ASC Tutoring Schedule


    The ASC offers content-area tutoring for a range of core DNP courses, including Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Health Assessment, Biostatistics, Clinical Pharmacology, and Health Finance, among others. Tutoring availability for a given course is subject to change from semester to semester, dependent on current staff qualifications. Please check the DNP tutoring schedule at the link below to see which courses are available for the current semester.

    If we do not have tutoring available for the course you need help in, please email the ASC Manager, Renée Mitchell-Matsuyama, to discuss other any options or resources that may be available.

    Instructions for Booking Tutoring

    ASC Tutoring Schedule

    Writing tutoring through the ASC is an engaged, collaborative process. When you meet with an ASC writing tutor, you and your tutor will work through your material together, collaboratively discussing ways that your writing can be improved. ASC tutors will NOT edit or proofread papers. Our foremost goal is to help you become a better writer—we want to help you develop the tools and skills that will enable you to continue growing as a writer long after you stop working with us.

    Writing is a process—it takes time and consistency to start seeing real improvement in your writing. The more you work with ASC writing tutors, the stronger and more confident you will likely become as a writer. Conversely, for a writer who does not already possess a strong set of writing skills, a single tutoring session will not likely result in significant or visible levels of improvement. This means that if you are someone who tends to struggle with writing, it is in your best interest to seek out writing assistance as early as possible, in order to give you and your tutor the time and repetition required for sustained improvement.

    What we DO provide:

    • A judgment-free space to learn and grow
    • Trained, knowledgeable, and encouraging tutors who can help you improve your writing skills over time
    • Prioritization of global-level concerns (clarity, organization, etc.)
      • Local-level concerns (grammar, APA, etc.) can be addressed sparingly, only if/after global concerns have been sufficiently addressed

    What we DO NOT provide:

    • ASC Tutors will NOT edit or proofread papers. If you need editorial services, we can refer you to outside resources.
    • At this time, the ASC can only provide assistance on course-related writing assignments.
    • The ASC does not provide written feedback on papers. All writing assistance is provided through face-to-face interaction with a writing tutor.
    • The ASC does not provide assistance with resumes or cover letters. If you need help with either type of document, please contact the JHSON Career Lab to make a consultation appointment.
    • We generally do not have the ability to provide last-minute assistance. We do our best to accommodate all requests for writing appointments, but our tutors’ schedules fill up quickly—especially in the second half of the semester. Likewise, you will need to plan ahead to ensure that you have enough time after your writing appointment to incorporate your tutor’s feedback prior to the assignment deadline. We recommend booking an appointment at least 1-2 weeks prior to when you would like the appointment to occur.

    Instructions for Booking Tutoring

    ASC Tutoring Schedule


No events are scheduled at this time.