DNP Final Project

DNP graduates remain in practice, leading cross-professional teams in the improvement and provision of informed quality healthcare.  Graduates apply disciplined processes and translate strong evidence into practice to achieve complex, innovative change. They rely on their ability to analyze intricate and rapidly changing practice problems; critically evaluate and synthesize evidence relevant to those problems; effectively communicate complex concepts across disciplines; engage teams in quality improvement; and evaluate outcomes in the face of significant flux, making use of unkempt data originally obtained for other purposes.  This work demands clear and compelling communication, strong analytic abilities, and flexible leadership at the systems level.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct such work is developed across the program and applied in the conduct of the DNP final project.  The DNP final project is the student’s original work that establishes them as a Hopkins Nursing clinical scholar.  Completion of the project demonstrates the student has achieved the program outcomes and provides evidence of:

  • Expertise in a particular practice arena

  • Critical evaluation of the evidence

  • Thorough, disciplined approach to problem solving

  • Innovative translation of strong evidence to improve quality of care

  • Attainment of significant outcomes

  • Judicious selection of evaluation methods

  • Deployment of reliable, valid, and specific instruments

  • Appropriate protection of human subjects

  • Effective communication with diverse stakeholder groups

  • Application of robust statistical methods

  • Ability to manage a complex project in the context of a dynamic healthcare delivery system

Upon completion of the DNP final project the student engages in thoughtful reflection focused on project execution in order to support ongoing professional development and identify institution-wide opportunities for ongoing performance improvement.