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Nicole Yvonne Johnson, MSN, RN

Clinical Instructor
Nicole Johnson
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Chronic Care
  • Disparities
  • Surgical


Nicole Johnson has practiced as a medical/surgical nurse for more than 17 years. She has enjoyed working in direct patient care with adults having orthopedic surgery, dealing with chronic illnesses, telemetry, and long-term care. She has also worked in the clinical setting in the role of a staff nurse, charge nurse, travel nurse, and nursing supervisor. During her career, she has been afforded opportunities to practice nursing in Vero Beach, FL, Philadelphia, PA, and various hospitals in Baltimore City. Most recently, Johnson has expanded her clinical expertise to the areas of occupational health, providing care in health suites for federal employees, and outpatient nursing, working in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Medicine Clinic. There, she was a part of a pilot in the development of an After Care Clinic. She worked with multidisciplinary teams to establish primary care, provide nursing, health education, and follow-up to uninsured patients. Since joining the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Johnson has served as an instructor in lab and clinical courses working with baccalaureate and MSN: Entry into Nursing cohorts.

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  • Awards/Honors

    The Inaugural Linda K. Diaconis Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Notre Dame of Maryland University (2013)