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Martha A. Abshire, PhD, MS, RN

Assistant Professor
Martha Abshire
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Cardiovascular
  • Heart Failure
  • Palliative Care


Martha Abshire is an assistant professor on the research/education track at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Her clinical experience in cardiac and critical care has been the foundation of her teaching, and she earned the 2020 Teaching Excellence Award from the Johns Hopkins Nursing Alumni Association. Her research interests include an emphasis on psychosocial sequelae of advanced illness, advanced heart failure management, biomarkers of stress, and patient-reported outcomes. Dr. Abshire has current funding to develop interventions that use a strengths-based approach to support caregivers through goal-setting, instrumental and social support. Dr. Abshire has methodological expertise in using mixed quantitative and qualitative methods to understand complex phenomena. In addition, Dr. Abshire is a collaborator on several studies with faculty at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Public Health that examine palliative care and end of life decision making.

Additional Resources

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  • Publications/Research

    Mentz, R, Xu, H, O'Brien, E, Thomas, L, Alexy, T, Gupta, B, Vilaro, J, Lala, A, DeVore, A, Dhingra, R, Briasoulis, A, Simon, M, Stehlik, J, Rodgers, J, Dunlay, S, Abshire, M, Wells, Q, Barringhaus, K, Eckman, P, Lowes, B, Espinoza, J, Blanco, R, Shen, X, Duffy, C & Hernandez, A. (2020) PROVIDE-HF Study Results: Patient-Reported Outcomes Investigation following initiation of drug therapy with Entresto (Sacubitril/Valsartan) in Heart Failure. American Heart Journal (in press).

    Wagner-Johnston, N. D., Hannum, S. M., Heughan, J. A., Abshire, M., Wolff, J. L., Yarkony, K., Symons, H, Jones, R, & Dy, S. M. (2020). Assessing Early Supportive Care Needs among Son or Daughter Haploidentical Transplantation Donors. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation.

    Abshire, M. A., Nolan, M. T., Dy, S. M., & Gallo, J. J. (2020). What matters when doctors die: A qualitative study of family perspectives. PloS one, 15(6), e0235138.

    Cruz-Oliver DM, Abshire M, Budhathoki C, Parker-Oliver D, Volandes A, Smith TJ. Reflections of Hospice Staff Members about Educating Hospice Family Caregivers through Telenovela. Am J Hosp Palliat Care. (2020).

    Abshire M, Li, X, Sharma Basyal P, Teply ML, Sing AL, Hayes, MM, Turnbull AE. Actor feedback and rigorous monitoring: Essential quality assurance tools for testing behavioral interventions with simulation. PLoS ONE. 2020: 15(5): e0233538.

    DeGroot, L., Koirala, B., Pavlovic, N., Nelson, K., Allen, J., Davidson, P., & Abshire, M. (2020). Outpatient Palliative Care in Heart Failure: An Integrative Review. Journal of Palliative Medicine. 23(9).

  • Awards/Honors

    2020  Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award

    2019  Isabel Hampton Robb Faculty Fellowship

    2017  Maryland Higher Education Commission, New Nurse Faculty Fellowship, $20,000

    2016  Nursing Research Award, 2nd place, and Travel Award, HFSA

    2015-2016  Margaret Tyson Scholarship, Nurses Educational Funds

    2014-2015  President, Doctoral Student Organization, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing