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Colleen King, DNP (candidate), MA, MS, RN

Clinical Instructor
Colleen King
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Neurology/Neurobiology
  • Pulmonary


Colleen King provides nursing care for patients on busy neuro-telemetry/pulmonary step-down unit at Franklin Square Hospital. Previously, she provided care, evaluation, and prevention of injuries as a trainer to athletes at several Maryland universities.

Additional Resources

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  • Publications/Research
    • DNP Scholarly Project: A Survey of Gulf War II Veterans Using Social Media to Assess Barriers to the Completion of the Registration and Enrollment at the Veterans Health Administration. PI: Kimberly McIltrot,; study coordinator: Colleen King, IRB00252292. This DNP project’s purpose is to ascertain intent, confidence, as well as specific barriers to the completion of the eligibility, registration, and enrollment process at the Veterans Health Administration among Gulf War II veterans. This quality improvement research study is a mixed-methods, descriptive design using an anonymous 14-question surveys on the Qualtrics platform. No identifiable personal participant data will be collected. Recruitment of participants will begin in September 2020 by posting the survey link using the University of Maryland Global Campus private veterans’ group on Facebook. Data collection will continue through December 2020.
    • MNA Poster Presentation 2015