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Christopher G. Chute, MD, DrPH, MPH

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Christopher Chute
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Informatics
  • Public Health


Christopher Chute is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in Health Informatics, a physician-scientist and biomedical informatician known for biomedical terminologies and health information technology standards. He chairs the World Health Organization Revision Steering Group for the revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Dr. Chute has academic appointments in the School of Medicine (Division of General Internal Medicine & Division of Health Sciences Informatics), Bloomberg School of Public Health (Department of Health Policy and Management), and School of Nursing (Division of Health Informatics). He is also chief health research information officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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  • Publications/Research

    Wagholikar, KB, KL MacLaughlin, CG Chute, RA Greenes, H Liu, and R Chaudhry (2015). "GranularQuality Reporting for Cervical Cytology Testing." AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc,p. 178-82.

    Wang, C, MT Zimmermann, CG Chute, and G Jiang (2015). "Adverse Drug Events-based Tumor Stratification for Ovarian Cancer Patients Receiving Platinum Therapy." AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc, p. 51-5.

    Wang, L, H Liu, CG Chute, and Q Zhu (2015). "Cancer based pharmacogenomics network supported with scientific evidences: from the view of drug repurposing." BioData Min, 8: p. 9.

    Zhu, Q, H Liu, CG Chute, and M Ferber (2015). "EHR based Genetic Testing Knowledge Base (iGTKB)Development." BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 15(Suppl 4): p. S3.

  • Awards/Honors

    President-elect/President/Past President, American College of Medical Informatics (2015-20)

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University (2015)

    Commissioner’s Distinguished Service Award, Minnesota Department of Health (2014)

    Outstanding Paper Award, AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science [senior author] (2014)

    Distinguished Paper Award, Medinfo, Copenhagen, Denmark [senior author] (2013)

    "The 50 Best Mayo Clinic doctors. Ever." MedCity News/MinnPost (2011).

    IBM Faculty Award. (2005)

    President’s Award, American Medical Informatics Association. (2002)

    “Highly Cited Author,” Essential Science Indicators. (2002)

    Homer Warner Award (American Medical Informatics Association Annual Fall Symposium) for Most Outstanding Contribution [senior co-author]. (1998)

    Best Theoretical Paper, 18th Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care [single co-author]. (1994)

    Best Theoretical Paper, 17th Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care [single co-author]. (1993)

    National Research Service Award, National Cancer Institute. (1985-88)

    President, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center House Staff Association. (1983-85)

    Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society Member, Brown University. (1982)

    National Health Service, Scholarship Award. (1978-82)

    Charles H. Smith Fellowship, Harvard University. (1981)

    CIBA Award for Outstanding Community Service, Brown University Program in Medicine. (1980)

    Arnold Fellowship for Research Travel Abroad, Brown University. (1980)