School of Nursing Sponsored Projects

Welcome to Sponsored Projects at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON).

The purpose of the teams working on Sponsored Projects for JHSON is to provide exceptional support for the JHSON research community in proposal development, submission and award management. Our goal is to be a critical resource for faculty in all stages of the Grant/Contract Process.

JHSON Mission

To improve the health of individuals and diverse communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice and service.

The Research Administration team provides faculty and students with proposal submission support including preparation of budgets, subawards, and adherence to proposal and regulatory requirements. Each faculty member is assigned to a Sr. GCA. Only the Research Administration team submits proposals into COEUS (JHU’s system of record for tracking agreements) for JHURA’s final review. We are also responsible for post award activities including, account reconciliations, effort reporting and contract management. We steward your proposal through submission, account set up and award administration.

SPG responsibilities:


  1. Assistance with developing your proposal budget and budget justification

  2. Determining allowable vs. unallowable costs during budget preparation

  3. Ensuring that proposal is fully compliant with sponsor and regulatory requirements

  4. Submission into COEUS which routes proposal to JHURA for final review

  5. Preparing documents on subawards, if included in proposal

  6. Submission of contracts into JHURA’s contract system, JAWS


  1. Monthly and quarterly account reconciliations, projections

  2. Precertifying effort for faculty in the ERS system

  3. Entering Cost transfers when needed

  4. Interfacing with SPSS (Sponsored Projects Shared Services), AP (Accounts Payable) and Purchasing

  5. Submitting Subaward requests into JHURA’s sub system

  6. Monitoring and paying Subaward invoices

Faculty research is enhanced by providing important resources, informational and training programs to support proposal submissions and also a weekly newsletter regarding upcoming training events and funding opportunities. Other services include

  1. Intent to Submit (ITS) processing which starts the sponsored projects life cycle. Found on the OSI website.

  2. All proposal projects must begin with an ITS. PIs should not submit proposals on their own. The ITS alerts us about the proposal and allows us to plan resources to assist.

  3. The detailed response email which includes critical timelines, available resources and checklists tailored to the specific funder. See attached, exhibit ___, as example.

  4. Coordination across other teams within the SON where needed:

    1. REDCap

    2. Additional biostatistics support

    3. Data management plans

    4. Instructional design

    5. Marketing and Communications

    6. Development and Alumni Relations

    7. Editorial support

    8. IT assistance

    9. Coordination for internal proposal reviews

    10. Assistance with biosketch development and formatting

    11. Setting up workshops/training on topics relevant to proposal submissions

    12. Assistance, if necessary, with grant writing

    13. Dissemination of funding opportunities

    14. Liaising faculty with the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

JHURA is the central research administration office for all divisions at JHU except Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. (JHURA does not cover the School of Medicine or Johns Hopkins Hospital.)  For most federal proposals, JHURA submits to the agency on behalf of JHSON. JHURA negotiates grant agreements and contracts and is the authorized signatory on agreements.

JHURA’s responsibilities:

  1. Draft and negotiate agreements

  2. Provide the authorized signature on agreements

  3. Submits proposals to the government

  4. Workflows fully executed awards to SPSS for account set up

  5. Identifies and manages export control issues

  6. Manage and maintain COEUS

  7. Draft and negotiate subawards and obtain required signatures

Johns Hopkins University Research Administration (JHURA)

Sponsored Research Handbook

This sponsored research handbook provides specific information and guidance. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Conflict of Interest and Commitment: Faculty Handbook

University policies require that faculty report external activities, including those activities that potentially pose a conflict of interest or a conflict of commitment.

JHU 2021 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy


Proposal Submission Workflow

Proposal Submission Workflow