Keep Teaching @ JHSON

The Instructional Design, Technology, and Support has collected numerous resources that will help maintain the continuity of the JHSON teaching and learning experience as the university transitions to online delivery of instruction.

PLEASE NOTE: This site will be updated as necessary in the coming days to provide the most necessary and up-to-date resources supporting this transition.  

Important Platforms and Applications

Familiarity with Zoom, Respondus, and Voice-Over PowerPoint (VOPPT) is required in order to manage a swift shift from in-person to online instruction.

How to Get Information to Students: Blackboard

Blackboard is the SON Learning Management System (LMS), and every course and section currently being offered at the SON – either online or in-person – has a Blackboard course site.  The course sites provide a central location through which to deliver digital instruction.

How to Meet with Students: Zoom

Zoom is the video conferencing tool used across Hopkins; a Zoom Pro Account allows full-time faculty to host synchronous online video sessions with up to 300 attendees, thus providing a quick replacement for in-person classes as necessary. (Note: some non-full-time faculty can also have access to a Zoom Pro Account, depending on the type of course – theory or didactic – and the size of course. For any questions about faculty Zoom access, please contact [email protected])

How to Give Students Tests: Respondus

Respondus is an exam proctoring application offering two important functions. The Lockdown Browser locks down browsers during in-person and remote exams, and Respondus Monitor provides proctoring, via video recording, for remote exams.

How to Get Content to Students: Voice-Over PowerPoint

Voice-Over PowerPoint (VOPPT) is a PowerPoint presentation with recorded narration, which enables lecture-type delivery of content.

How to Set-Up Your Computer for Remote Operations

The Information Technology Department and SON Help Desk have explained the necessary steps for setting up remote operations, which can be accessed here.

Contact Information for Support

General Information
For general questions about the information on this website, please contact Chadd Cawthon, Interim Manager, Instructional Design and Technology Team, at [email protected].

Instructional Design, Technology, and Support Website
The Instructional Design, Technology, and Support website has a lot of useful information about teaching and learning practices.

Keep Teaching @ JHU
The Keep Teaching @ JHU website has useful information for the entire Hopkins teaching and learning community, including links to specific information from other units and schools which may be helpful.

Library Services
The Sheridan Libraries offers online services for teaching, learning and research you can access from anywhere.

System Issues: Blackboard and Instructional Technology

For questions regarding system-wide issues with Blackboard and Instructional Technologies, please contact the SON Course Support Team at [email protected].

After-Hours Support: Blackboard and Instructional Technologies
For questions and problems with Blackboard and other instructional technologies after hours and on weekends, please contact our After-hours Support team via phone (877-379-4609) or chat.

Information Technology and Remote Operations
For questions about information technology, including basic troubleshooting for browser, operating systems, and remote computer operations (both hardware and software), please contact the SON Help Desk at [email protected]. For all general questions about information technology, please see the School of Nursing IT wiki page.

JHED ID and System Outages

For questions about JHED login problems and system-wide outages, the JHU Enterprise Help Desk can be contacted at 24/7 at 410-955-4357.

Click Here for More Detailed Support Information.