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Program Overview

Please note: while we are still accepting applications to the visiting scholars program, due to major renovation works at our campus, spaces are extremely limited. This will be the case until mid-2020, when the program will resume in full. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is dedicated to expanding nursing knowledge dissemination and innovation through collaborations with colleagues globally.  The Center for Global Initiatives welcomes and coordinates the International Visiting Scholars program to collaborate with colleagues to positively impact and advance nursing practice and research to promote health globally. Through these collaborations visiting scholars are involved in non-degree educational opportunities which exchange training expertise, partner in research, and address health disparities while sharing cultural and professional perspectives which enhance mutual understanding.

Applicants for the program complete paperwork for the J-1 Scholar Program which is an exchange visitor program which fosters global understanding through educational and cultural exchanges.  All exchange visitors are expected to return to their home country upon completion of their program in order to share their exchange experiences.

Current and Past Visiting Scholars

What services are available to International Visiting Scholars?   

The Center for Global Initiatives works closely with the Office of International Services at JHU to coordinate Visiting Scholar visa compliance requirements.  Visiting Scholars will have the following resources made available to them during their visit;

  • Office Space: The Center for Global Initiatives will provide a shared office space for Visiting Scholars to access.  The space available has multiple workstations for scholars to use as needed but we cannot guarantee that the same space will be available for the entire visit. It may be necessary to be flexible and move between two shared office spaces.
  • Computer Use: Visiting Scholars will have access to a shared desktop computer as well as access to computer labs and library computers in the School of Nursing. Visiting Scholars may wish to bring her/his own laptop. An e-mail account will be provided for the duration of the appointment and for one month after the appointment end date in order to accommodate any final communications.
  • JHU Identification Card: Visiting Scholars are issued a temporary University identification card, which will allow them access to the JHSON building.
  • Exercise Facilities: Johns Hopkins has recreational facilities that may be accessed by registering and paying small fee use of the facility.
  • Transportation Access: The Johns Hopkins University offers a number of free transportation options and services, including a shuttle bus between the JHU Homewood Campus and the Medical Campus.  Visiting Scholars may use their JHU Identifications card to access these services. Additional information can be found on JHU Transportation Services website.

Eligibility & Who should apply

An international visiting scholar is defined as an individual primarily conducting research, observing, or consulting in connection with a research project and has entered the US through the visa Program. Visiting scholars are involved in non-degree educational opportunities which exchange training expertise, partner in research, and address health disparities while sharing cultural and professional perspectives which enhance mutual understanding. 

Visiting scholars apply to come to the School of Nursing and are approved based on eligibility criteria established by the School that align with the school’s strategic plan and growth of global initiatives. Visiting scholar may also teach or lecture, based on their objectives outlined for their time at the SON. Visiting scholars are accepted only if a School of Nursing Faculty member and Department has agreed to serve as the mentor/sponsors of the visiting scholar. International visiting scholars are, at a minimum, master’s prepared (preferred doctoral prepared) faculty members or individuals who are established in their field and are from an international (outside U.S. or foreign) university, institution, or organization, Visiting Scholars work with the School of Nursing to create a plan detailing the length of their visit and specific goals and are funded from external sources.

How to Apply

Complete this form to apply - International Visiting Scholars Program - Initial Inquiry Form

Visiting Scholar Fees

The School of Nursing charges a fee for all international visiting scholars, for additional information on the fee schedule please email the Center for Global Initiatives at