Symbols of our Heritage

The Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross was first suggested by alumni involved in drafting the Constitution of the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association in 1892. It remains the symbol of the Alumni Association, and graduates of the Hospital and University programs wear it with pride.

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Inscribed on the reverse of the Alumni pin is “Vigilando,” which means “forever watchful.” The motto serves as a reminder of our historical and continuing focus on patient advocacy and a strong ethical and moral foundation for practice.

Hopkins Nurse’s Cap

Developed by Mary Gross Finney, a member of the first graduating class of 1891, the cap evolved as a combination of the Bellevue and New York Hospital styles and originally was large enough to completely cover a nurse’s hair. Though they are rarely worn in modern workplaces, caps are often purchased by nursing graduates as a reminder of their Hopkins heritage.

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