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Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association

Graduating Class of 1986

A Proud History

In 1892, with the help of Isabel Hampton Robb and M. Adelaide Nutting, Helena Barnard and a group of 25 graduates organized the Alumni Association to promote "unity and good feeling among the alumnae, and the advancement of the interest of the profession of Nursing." The Association continues to foster a tenacious loyalty and a deep commitment to the School.

A Bright Future

The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Board builds continuously upon a foundation laid by generations of Hopkins nurses. Join the board or a committee today and share your ideas for improving our Alumni Association.

Alumni-Student Committee
Develop and enhance alumni communities and networks

Alumni Weekend Committee
Help plan the annual reunion events

Archives Committee
Work with the Chesney Medical Archives to monitor preservation of the Alumni Associations history

Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association Board of Directors 2018 – 2019

ohns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association

Jane Ball UC ’69, BSN ’74, MPH ’78, DrPH ‘80        

Meghan Schultz MSN ’14                        
Vice President

Reginald Bannerman Accelerated ’97, MSN ’03        

Martha Abshire PhD ‘17                        

Kerri Calloway BSN ’14                        

Susan Kulik ’87, MSN ’06, DNP ‘12                

Korrina Lau BSN ’05, FNP ‘08                    

Contact The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni

Please email with questions or to volunteer.