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All prerequisite courses are available in the summer, fall, and spring semesters. First-time students need to submit a simple online application form.

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Start Your Health care Career With Prerequisites From Johns Hopkins

Whether you’re looking to become a nurse, physician, pharmacist, physician assistant, occupational or physical therapist, or preparing for another health-related profession, Johns Hopkins offers convenient, online courses to fulfill most of your prerequisite requirements.

Our 11-week online prerequisites courses for health professions (10 weeks of instruction plus final exam week) are designed with students' goals in mind. The instructor-led courses are delivered using a facilitated teaching approach to engage students and encourage interaction and participation. Courses are competitively priced and available online in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Registration & Tuition

All prerequisites courses are available in the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

First-time prerequisites students must submit a simple online application form. If you are a returning student and haven't taken coursework in the last six months, you will also need to submit this form.

Semester Course Dates:

  • Spring 2023: January 24 - April 9
  • Summer 2023: May 23 - August 6
  • Fall 2023: August 29 - November 13
  • Spring 2024: January 24 - April 8
  • Summer 2024: May 21 - August 5

Registration Questions? Contact [email protected] or look in our FAQS.  Returning students register through the Johns Hopkins University Student Information System.

Students may enroll in up to three courses per semester, but should not enroll in more than two lab courses at the same time. 

Current Prerequisites Courses




* Virtual labs are accepted at Hopkins Nursing, but not everywhere. Check your university and state licensure requirements for prerequisite courses.

* §  Offered but not required for the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing MSN Entry into Nursing program.

Learn More about Online Prerequisites

  • Why Prerequisites at Hopkins?
    • Top-ranked Nursing School
    • Affordable
    • An introduction to the excellence of a Johns Hopkins education
    • Health-focused perspective delivered through a facilitated teaching approach (participatory, interactive, engaging)
    • Instructor led, online convenience
    • 11-week format
  • What are the Prerequisites for Nursing?

    Every nursing school has entrance requirements that are a little different, but for the most part, prerequisites for nursing school are similar. Here are prerequisites offered at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing:

  • Are these prerequisite courses appropriate for health professions other than nursing?

    The short answer is yes! Prospective students pursuing any discipline in need of supplemental coursework can now take instructor-led, undergraduate-level prerequisites all online at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Always speak directly with the program/school at which you are applying to confirm, but our courses are designed to align with requirements for other health programs like:

    • Occupational Therapy (OT)
    • Physical Therapy (PT)
    • Physician Assistant (PA)
    • Pharmacist
    • Pre-Med
  • Recorded Events and Informational Videos
    Prerequisite Info Session and Virtual Classroom Tour, April 17, 2023.

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    Watch video demo of virtual classroom and labs.

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  • Textbook Information
    For further information regarding required materials for all courses, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook Information page.

    Textbook Info

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Questions? See our FAQS.


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