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Online Prerequisites for Health Professions FAQs

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  • How and When can I register?

    First-time students need to submit an online application form for the next available semester.  After submission, your information will be reviewed and processed. While the application form can be submitted 24/7, it will only be reviewed Monday through Friday during business hours. After review, students will receive an email with registration login information and can register for up to three online courses through the Johns Hopkins University Integrated Student Information System.  Tuition is due at time of registration and failure to pay may result in cancellation of registration.
    If you have any questions concerning registration, do not have US issued Social Security Number (SSN) or if you have trouble registering, please email
  • When Can I Register for Courses?

    Once an email has been received containing your login credentials and set-up your Johns Hopkins email, you can register for up to two courses in Johns Hopkins University's Student Information System (SIS).

  • Do I have to apply as a student and be accepted into a program to take a prerequisite course?

    First-time students need to submit an online application form for the next available semester.  After submission, your information will be reviewed and processed as a non-degree seeking student at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. It is not necessary to apply to a degree program to enroll in a prerequisite course.

    Note:  Applications may be submitted online 24/7, however, they are only reviewed Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

  • What are the prerequisite courses required for pre-licensure programs at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing?

    We offer all six prerequisite courses required for JHU pre-licensure nursing programs, 100% online. For a complete list of prerequisite courses required, please see Prerequisites for Health Professions.

  • Are the prerequisite courses offered each semester?

    All six courses are offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

  • Where do I find information about course start dates?

    Course dates are located on our prerequisite course page.

  • What are the deadlines for registration and payment?

    Registration ends one week before the first day of class.
    If you miss the deadline, email to inquire about space availability. The Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology pre-requisite courses generally will not enroll students after the first day due to the pace of the course and content.
  • How are the online courses structured? (i.e. Blackboard, etc.)

    The online prerequisite courses are instructor-led, 10-week courses that use the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). The courses are structured so that each week of the course is a module of content typically consisting of required reading, a short multi-media presentation, a discussion board activity, and a quiz on that particular week’s content. Additionally, lab courses incorporate a virtual lab activity and will have additional assignments to assess student mastery and application of the information.

  • Will these credits be accepted by the college/university that I’m interested in attending?

    Each college and university will have policies and procedures about how it will evaluate transcripts from your previous work. Each prerequisite course completed at Hopkins will be displayed on a JH School of Nursing transcript, which will list the name of the course, the credits earned for the course, and the grade that you achieved. 

    We advise that you contact each school or university that you are considering to research its particular requirements and if our courses will be acceptable for its program. In particular, we urge you to specifically ask about virtual labs and if the school that you are considering will accept virtual labs as part of its entry requirements.

  • Do I need to come to the campus of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in order to take one of your online courses?

    No. All courses can be completed online. The virtual lab component can also be completed 100% online without any need to have materials shipped to or from your home.

  • Do I need to be online at a particular time during the course?

    No. The module for a particular week will open on Monday and the course content will be available for you to complete during the week. Unless otherwise noted within the course syllabus, assignments are due at 5:00 PM EDT on the date listed in the course schedule and syllabus.

  • Who can I contact for general course information?

    For general course information, such as registration, questions regarding financial aid, etc., please contact

  • How long is each of the courses?

    10 weeks.

  • How many courses should I take in any given semester, and is it limited?

    Most students find that 7 credits in any given semester is a manageable course load. Students may enroll in up to three courses per semester, but should not enroll in more than two lab courses at the same time due to the student workload associated with these courses. Each week, students should plan to devote about 7-10 hours for every non-lab course that they attempt and 10-15 hours for every virtual lab course. Estimated hours are variable to each individual's learning pace and prior knowledge of the content.

    If you plan to enroll in Anatomy (with virtual lab) and Nutrition, then you should set aside about 25 hours each week to complete your course load in addition to your other work-life commitments.

  • Will I have any communication with my Instructor?

    Yes. Your instructor will guide you through each week of the course, primarily through course announcements, discussion board posts, and email communication.

  • Who can I contact for advice on which course is best for me?

    Email us at so that we can assist you. Feel free to ask any question that you may have.

  • As an international student, what should I consider before registering?

    It is not uncommon for international students or U.S. students based internationally to enroll in and successfully complete the course work. A first consideration would be your Internet speed. The course materials do require a high-speed Internet connection. Secondly, all course materials are in English, thus students should have a firm grasp of written and spoken English. Next, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the American Psychological Association (APA) writing guidelines as all work submitted for the course should properly cite reference materials and resources. Please watch these video tutorials produced by Purdue OWL if you are not familiar with APA formatting. Finally, consider the speed at which course books will arrive at your location. It is absolutely essential that you have all materials for a course by its start date.

  • Where can I purchase my course materials?

    A list of required materials for each course will be provided in the syllabus, prerequisite textbook
    information page
    , and on the course website through our course management system Blackboard.  You may purchase required textbooks and other course materials from any vendor or directly from the publishers.

  • Can I take just the lecture component of courses that have a lab?

    Our didactic and lab components are bundled as one 4-credit class and, at this time, are not offered separately.

  • How will I complete the laboratory component of your online course?

    You will complete the required laboratory component of the course through online simulations and at-home exercises. Lab instructions and assignments can be accessed online through our course management system Blackboard and/or the particular lab product website used for the course. The virtual lab sessions consist of simulations, animations, and videos, allowing you to explore key concepts of the course and complete the experiments and exercises online.

  • How much does it cost to take a course?

    The cost per credit is $350.00. As such, each 3-credit course is $1050.00 and each 4-credit course is $1400.00. The Microbiology course has an additional $60.00 lab fee, which is paid directly to our lab vendor after the start of the course. Lab fees for Anatomy and for Physiology are integrated into the cost of the textbook bundle.

    Other course materials (textbooks, workbooks) are additional to the tuition and fees outlined above.

  • How do I submit payment for the course(s)?

    You must pay online at the time of registration. The online system will allow you to pay by credit card or Echeck.  For specific questions regarding payment contact Student Accounts

  • Is financial aid accepted for these courses?

    Financial aid for prerequisite courses must come from private sources. Private sources include private student loans or private aid such as an Americorps benefit. The prerequisite courses at the School of Nursing are not eligible for federal student aid via the FAFSA at this time.

  • Can I use my military assistance/GI Bill to pay for these courses?

    Yes. Students may fund their courses through military assistance/GI Bill.

  • Is a payment plan available?

    At this time, we do not offer a payment plan for the prerequisite courses.

  • Who do I contact if I have a disability that requires a special accommodation?

    If you have a disability and may require accommodation in this course, please contact Disability Services to discuss your specific needs.

  • What action will I need to take if I have to withdraw from a course?

    To withdraw from a course, please email our Registrar’s Office with your name, the semester, and the course(s) that you would like dropped. 

    Prior to Week 8 of the course there is no notation of the drop on your permanent record.  Starting with week 8, should you drop a “WP” or “WF” will be posted to your record based on your performance in the course to date.

  • If I need to withdraw, am I entitled to a refund?

    The refund schedule is as follows:

    Week 1:  Student can drop with 100% refund

    Week 2:  Student can drop with 50% refund

    Week 3: Student can drop with 25% refund

    Week 4 and beyond:  Student can drop, no refund

    Week 8 and beyond: Student can drop but "WP" or "WF" will be posted to record, no refund

  • Do I need to provide transcripts before I can register for a course?

    No, you do not need to provide transcripts prior to registering for a course. On occasion, we may ask for an unofficial transcript in the event that you are asking about the acceptability of prior course work in order to meet program requirements.

  • How can I request a transcript or request enrollment verification?

    If you are currently taking a course and need to verify your enrollment, you can log into our Student Information System at  Then, click on the Registration link on the toolbar, select “My Class Schedule” from the drop down menu, and then select the option “Printable Confirmation for Enrollments.”  You may also select the “My Grades” screen and download an unofficial transcript.

    Once you've finished the course and the grade has been submitted, you can request an official transcript (paper or electronic) to be sent at

  • Who can I contact for technical support?

    Please take a look at our Quick Start Guide for information related to the technical aspects of using Blackboard. For issues related to Blackboard login and access, contact SON Help Desk at 410-614-8800 or email