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Students who want transcripts of their academic records at the School of Nursing or who want them forwarded elsewhere should submit a request three business days before the transcript is needed. If there is a hold on your record, a transcript will not be processed until the hold has been resolved. The only exception is for a student who is about to graduate and has an outstanding balance—that individual will be permitted to obtain a transcript for the purposes of securing licensure and/or employment. Transcripts can be ordered online through a secure website.  Partial transcripts of a student’s record will not be issued. Transcripts are issued only at the request or consent of the student. The only exception to this policy is the issuance of transcripts to other offices or departments within the University.

Official transcripts of work at other institutions that the student has presented for admission or evaluation of credit become the property of the university and cannot be copied or reissued. If a transcript of this work is needed, the student must get it directly from the institution concerned.

We cannot accept requests for transcripts by phone.

**Please allow 5-7 days processing time for non-expedited transcript requests**

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, in partnership with The National Student Clearinghouse enables you to order transcripts online via a secure server. This site is for students who attended Fall 1984 and thereafter.

Electronic and/or paper transcripts are available.  You will be able to order official transcripts to be sent to third parties or order an unofficial copy of your transcript for your files.

For those students who are currently enrolled at the School of Nursing, you may enter the National Student Clearinghouse website via the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing portal or via SIS Self Service.

When asked to enter your Student ID, please use your six-digit Hopkins ID, which will be a combination of six numbers and/or letters. You can find your Hopkins ID on the home page of your SIS account. If you do not have a Hopkins ID, you can leave that section blank and provide your social security number (SSN) as an alternate form of ID.

You may access the National Student Clearinghouse

There are 2 ways to order your transcript:

Electronic Transcript

Your transcript will be sent securely through the NSC (a secure electronic alternative to the traditional paper transcript) in a PDF format via email.  Currently the service fee is $2.25 per electronic delivery address or the PDF fee of $1.75 when utilizing the PDF delivery option. Any major credit card may be used.  Order updates will be emailed or texted to you.

NOTE: Electronic transcripts sent to the recipient are considered OFFICIAL upon delivery, but become UNOFFICIAL if passed on to another recipient.

Students are responsible for ensuring that the recipient email addresses provided are accurate and that the receiver will accept the electronic transcript as official.  For the protection of the student’s identity and to protect the integrity of the transcript, the transcript should not be forwarded once received.

Paper Transcript

There are two ways to order an official paper transcript:  online or by mail (limit: 5 transcripts per request):


1.     Order Online via National Student Clearinghouse

2.     Follow the instructions listed within the website.

3.     The link will walk you through placing your order, including the service fee.  Currently there is a $3.50 service fee assessed per transcript delivery address or the PDF fee of $2.50.

Order updates will be emailed or texted to you. You can also check order status or history online. Any major credit card may be used.

Any express service can be arranged upon payment by the student. 


You may compose a request including your name, last four digits of your social security number, years of attendance, number of copies needed, and the address where you would like the transcript(s) to be sent.  You may mail the request to:

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Office of Student Records
525 N. Wolfe Street S320
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

For further assistance, please request support through SEAM’s online form.

Students Graduating 1977 – 1979

Those who graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Health Administration send your transcript request to:

Johns Hopkins University
Registrar’s Office -Transcripts
75 Garland Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

For additional information 

Students Graduating 1945-1976

Those who graduated from The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing from 1945-1976 should contact the Nursing Administration Department, located in Room 220 of the Billings Building, at 410-955-4312.