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Health and Safety

Health Insurance

Johns Hopkins University's policy states all students must maintain adequate health insurance coverage. School of Nursing students may purchase insurance through the Student Health Program (SHP) or provide their own comparable health insurance coverage. Students maintaining their own insurance plan should complete an annual waiver. Online waiver form

New Students

SHP enrollment forms are mailed to all new students 30 days prior to their first semester. SHP Enrollment forms must be completed by the week of Orientation.

DENTAL INSURANCE is NOT offered to students, it is non-compulsory, and it is not covered by SHP (only for SHP members with enrolled dependents under age 19). 


Returning Students

For students already enrolled in SHP, coverage carries over to the next academic year and premiums are charged to their SIS student account. SHP coverage ends once a student stops attending school. Students may extend coverage be electing COBRA. Additional information will be communicated before graduation. Learn More About COBRA

Open Enrollment to SHP is between Sept 1st to Sept 15th for all School of Nursing degree and certificate enrolled students. Outside of the open enrollment period, only within 30 days of a qualified life event can a student enroll into SHP. A student must submit the insurance certificate of canceled insurance coverage.

Questions? Contact Student Accounts at 410-955-1243 or email

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