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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

The power of choice defines the very best of career education. Our interdisciplinary approach provides students with the tools to address a variety of changing healthcare needs. 

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and want to earn a master of science in nursing can enroll full-time in our MSN: Entry into Nursing Practice program.  Students who already have a bachelor's degree in nursing can pursue our MSN: Advanced Nursing Practice program with specialities in advanced practice, management, and/or public health nursing. Interested in obtaining a MPH? Students can also earn their MSN/MPH through a dual degree program with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

No matter what you choose, Johns Hopkins has programs in a variety of formats to meet your evolving needs.

MSN: Entry into Nursing Practice vs MSN: Advanced Nursing Practice

I am...I want to...The right program for me is...
A college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than NursingBecome a Registered NurseMSN: Entry into Nursing Practice
A nurse and have completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degreeAdvance in the nursing professionMSN: Advanced Nursing Practice 

Programs & Speciality Tracks

  • Master of Science in Nursing: Entry into Nursing Practice (MSN)

    The power of choice defines the very best of career education. If you have already earned a non-nursing bachelor's degree, you are familiar with your unique learning style, professional goals, and scheduling needs. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing offers you two program options that can accelerate your track to nursing practice, continue your studies through a doctoral program, or provide you clinical experience as you work toward advanced practice nursing. 

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  • Master of Science in Nursing: Advanced Nursing Practice (MSN)

    The advanced practice and master's specialty tracks prepare students for advanced practice, management, and/or public health nursing. Our interdisciplinary approach provides students with the tools to address a variety of changing healthcare needs. Both full-time and part-time study are available with speciality tracks for nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, health systems management, and public health nursing.

    Nurse Practitioner Speciality Tracks

    The Johns Hopkins Nurse Practitioner specialty tracks couple nursing theory with evidence-based clinical experiences. Choose a track that focuses on the population of your choice: pediatric, adult-geriatric, or acutely and critically ill patients. With access to unparalleled Hopkins resources, you’ll be able to integrate the biomedical, psychological, social, and nursing aspects of care. World renowned faculty have developed curricula and clinical experiences at diverse outpatient and community sites to ensure that you’ll receive a well-rounded education in comprehensive, coordinated care. You’ll not only be well-prepared for your licensure exams, you’ll develop and apply your assessment, diagnostic, and treatment skills to improve health among your favorite patient population.

    Specialty Track Options

    Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Specialty Tracks

    Expand your nursing expertise in adult or child health with the Johns Hopkins Clinical Nurse Specialist master’s specialty track. You’ll build competencies in clinical theory and research-based nursing practice, and you’ll put your new skills to use delivering direct patient care, organizing resources while controlling costs, and educating nurses to improve healthcare delivery systems. With the program’s broad education and holistic approach, you can experience professional roles as varied as your interests—expert clinician, clinical leader, staff or academic educator, consultant, or researcher. You can also learn to manage the entire spectrum of healthcare by combining the CNS and health systems management master’s tracks.

    Specialty Track Options

    • Adult-Gerontological Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Track*
    • Adult-Gerontological Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Track*
    • Pediatric Critical CarClinical Nurse Specialist Track*
    • Health Systems Management Track/Clinical Nurse Specialist Track (any CNS track)*

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    Health Systems Management Speciality Track

    Are you driven to improve healthcare quality and efficiency? Our master’s specialty track in health systems management provides the tools you’ll need. Developed and directed by internationally-recognized Johns Hopkins nursing faculty, the program taps nursing’s unique perspective at the front line of patient care to manage, evaluate, and improve an evolving healthcare delivery system. Grounded in evidence-based practice, the coursework and practica can be tailored to focus on management and administration, information technology, health policy, or case management/population management. 

    Speciality Track Options

    • Health Systems Management Track*
    • Health Systems Management Track/Clinical Nurse Specialist Track (any CNS track)*

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    Public Health Nursing Speciality Tracks

    Learn to improve the health of diverse, often underserved populations in community settings through one of the distinct public health offerings at Johns Hopkins. The Public Health Nursing track opens doors to leadership positions in health education, program development, consultation, and administration. 

    Specialty Track Options

    • Public Health Nursing Track
    • Public Health Nursing Track with certificate in Nurse-Midwifery from Shenandoah University

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  • Master of Science in Nursing / Master of Public Health (MSN/MPH)

    The MSN/MPH dual degree offered jointly through the School of Nursing and the Bloomberg School of Public Health allows you to choose a specialty track to deliver advanced nursing care in local and international settings, or enter the public health nursing track to guide teams in developing innovative, evidence-based, and culturally appropriate healthcare services. No matter which track you choose, Hopkins’ multidisciplinary approach builds the essential skills for a successful practice in public health.

    Specialty Tracks

    • Public Health Nursing Track
    • Adult-Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track
    • Adult-Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track with HIV-Primary Care Certificate
    • Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track
    • Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track

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  • MSN to PhD

    The Johns Hopkins MSN/PhD program provides avenues for motivated students to pursue exceptional careers as nurse researchers. This intensive program prepares students as clinical nurse specialists and leaders in nursing science who conduct multidisciplinary, collaborative research that advances the discipline of nursing and healthcare quality. Develop your specialty focus through MSN studies and pursue your PhD with the advanced scientific grounding, cutting-edge research training, and rare opportunities for transdisciplinary and global health research found at the preeminent Johns Hopkins medical institutions.

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*Online and onsite options available

State-Specific Information for Online Programs

We currently are not accepting applications to the online Master of Science in Nursing from students who reside in Iowa or Kansas. In addition, students currently cannot conduct [externship activities] in Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina or Ohio. For more information, please contact an admissions representative. Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.

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