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Admissions & Financial Aid


How to Apply

How to Apply


Applications are received from around the world and we value the diversity of each applicant. We are interested in you as an individual and review your application in its entirety. Hopkins Nursing seeks individuals who bring with them a spirit of inquiry, commitment, and motivation toward scholarship.

The Admissions Committee reviews each application carefully with attention given to the spirit of inquiry, commitment, and motivation toward scholarship. Complete academic records, essays, and letters of recommendation regarding character, intellectual curiosity, seriousness of purpose, and outside activities are all considered.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer of credit is granted on an individual basis. The decision is based on equivalent content (for required courses), credit allotment and satisfactory completion of courses. You may petition for permission to substitute a course from another college or university by submitting a request to the Office of Admissions and Student Services along with the complete course syllabus.

Up to six credits of graduate course work taken at Johns Hopkins University or elsewhere may be accepted for transfer. Course work must have been completed within the last five years. Course work at the undergraduate level will not be considered for advanced standing credit.

Applicants Who Have Studied Abroad

International applicants and applicants who have completed courses outside of the United States must submit:

Information for international applicants
Office of International Student, Faculty, and Staff Services


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