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Doctoral Programs

The School of Nursing offers two opportunities for doctoral degrees. Both share demanding expectations, a scholarly approach, and a commitment to the advancement of nursing.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Advancing Evidence into Practice

The DNP program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing prepares students to lead healthcare innovations and influence policy—founded on analytic principles and evidence-based practice—at the highest organizational level. Explore the DNP program

Doctor of Philosophy

Leading the Development of Nursing Science

The PhD program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing prepares the nurse scholar to develop and conduct scientific research that advances the theoretical foundation of nursing practice and healthcare delivery. Explore the PhD program

DNP vs. PhD Comparison





Prepares nurses at the highest level of nursing practice who will lead in applying and translating research into practice

Prepares nurses at the highest level of nursing science to conduct research that advances the empirical and theoretical foundations of nursing and healthcare globally

Competencies and Content

Knowledge and skills in applying and translating research into practice; leads dissemination and integration of new knowledge in healthcare organizations

Knowledge and skills in theoretical, methodological, and analytic approaches to the discovery and application of knowledge in nursing and healthcare

Program Outcome

Practice leaders such as an advanced practice nurse caring for individuals or other practice leadership positions in nursing such as healthcare administration

Nurse scientists prepared for a career in research in academia or other research-intensive environments focused on the design and testing of interventions to advance nursing and healthcare

Hopkins Program Hallmarks

An intense practice immersion experience with expert clinical faculty

An intense mentored research experience with a faculty investigator with an established funded program of research

Final Project

A practice application-oriented DNP capstone project

Completion and defense of an original research project

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