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The Career Lab continues to follow Johns Hopkins University guidance to maintain the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We are operating in a hybrid model to ensure you can access our services in the best way for you. Contact [email protected] with questions.


The Career Lab fosters exploration and learning related to professional development - a lifelong journey which requires continual CARE. The Career Lab creates opportunities for students and alumni to:

Connect, Activate, Reflect, Evolve

Connect with your peers, alumni, staff, and faculty to engage in a nursing community that inspires you to discover possibilities.

Activate your knowledge, skills, and passion to take next steps forward in pursuing the best fit for where you are in this moment.

Reflect on your present and past experiences and stay open to opportunities as you imagine the future.

Evolve by remaining curious and agile as you explore options which promote continued professional growth.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Handshake?
    Handshake is a 24/7 online platform which enables students to:
    • Register for skill-building workshops, alumni panels, and recruitment events
    • Access resources including sample resumes/CVs and cover letters, networking strategies, and common interview questions
    • Schedule career coaching appointments
    • View job postings

    Students automatically receive a Handshake account once registered for classes. You can access the platform at using your JHED ID, even once you are an alumnus.

  • What resources does the Career Lab provide and how do I utilize them?

    The Career Lab offers events on resume/CV and cover letter writing, networking, and interviewing. Alumni panelists speak about diverse career options within nursing and lend advice about career transition. Many recruiters visit campus or present virtually to discuss their hiring process and timeline, including at an annual career fair.

    Individual career coaching is available via Zoom or over the phone and can be scheduled through Handshake under the Career Center tab -> Appointments. For a complete list of appointments types, click here. Students are encouraged to attend career events and/or view resources in Handshake (e.g., sample resume/CV, cover letter guide), so that your individual appointment is focused less on the basics and more on tailoring to your story and your targets. Resources can be found in Handshake under the Career Center tab -> Resources. Please email any documents to be reviewed to your coach before a phone/Zoom appointment.

    The Career Lab conducts practice interviews and provides guidance on job searching and networking strategies. All students are encouraged to create a profile on LinkedIn and list Johns Hopkins School of Nursing under the Education section.

    Additionally, all students have access to OneHop Mentoring, a networking platform that allows you to build authentic and exclusive connections with JHU alumni. For more information on how to get started, click here.



  • How do I find and apply for work study and other student employment opportunities?
    SMILE connects Johns Hopkins students with paid internships and jobs (including Federal Work Study) across all divisions of the university.
  • Where do most students work after graduation?

Admissions Talks: How Does the Career Lab Interface with Students?


I'm a little freaked out that I'm going to have to get a job at Starbucks, especially since I can't even figure out our basic Keurig at home!" The above excerpt was taken from an actual email that I sent to the Career Lab mere months before my graduation date. As my peers started seemingly effortlessly falling into their dream jobs, my panic grew that I had somehow missed the boat and was destined to that Barista life! Luckily, the Career Lab team came to my rescue -- I had several sit-downs with Justina, revamped my resume, and even sat down for a mock interview where I received real-time feedback on the quality of my answers and how I could make them more compelling. When the opportunity to interview for my dream job came up, I felt prepared and confident -- which is no easy feat when you're a new grad trying to convince a tenured nurse manager that you're ready for work on the floor!

- Liane Dane, MSN Entry ‘19

My advice to incoming JHUSON students would be to get involved with the Career Lab as soon as possible, don’t wait until you are about to graduate, they are a wonderful resource that can set you up for success!

- Layla Budin, MSN Entry ‘19

This was just what I needed: someone to bounce my professional challenge off of who gave me good advice and helped me work through my process.

- Erin Baird, DNP: Executive, ‘22

[They] been helpful each time I meet with [them]. I receive validating advice and [they are] always available as my career mentor! … [They] helped me to realign my overall career strategy and to dispel myths that were generating personal conflict. I am sincerely grateful for [their] input and guidance!

- Brett Thompson, MSN Entry ‘21