Scheduling Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures below have been developed by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) for reserving classrooms and meeting space at the School of Nursing. These policies and procedures are to ensure that the rules and regulations are understood and are being met by the respective user. We encourage the use of these rooms for social, cultural, and educational programs.

JHSON student faculty and staff have priority over other requests for space. All other requests are subject to availability and approval from the JHSON.

Activities and events at the JHSON are subject to limitations imposed by the physical space and staff capabilities of the institution. Activities and events should be planned well in advance in conjunction with the Special Events Office in order to realize maximum efficiency in the execution of the event. The Registrar’s Office, in conjunction with the Special Events Office, reserves the right to determine whether the requested room is appropriate for the event planned (i.e. room size, anticipated attendance etc.), and has the authority to direct the user to a more suitable location if necessary.

Reserving Rooms

The request will be checked by the Registrar’s Office to determine the availability of the desired time, date, and space. No space will be officially reserved until confirmed by the Registrar’s Office. A confirmation of each reservation will be emailed to the user. Once the reservation is confirmed the Registrar’s Office reserves the right to relocate the event to another classroom or meeting space.

  • Once room reservations are confirmed, set-up requirements are communicated through the Special Events Office to the Custodial Services Department.

  • Multimedia support requests are also to be made through our online request system.

The request will be checked by the Multimedia Office to determine the availability of the desired time, date, and service. A confirmation of multimedia services will be emailed to the user.

Fee Policy

JHSON facilities are generally made available at no charge to School of Nursing organizations and departments. However, reservations that necessitate overtime or other extraordinary expenses will require a transfer of funds from the reserving department or organization to the department(s) incurring the extraordinary expenses.

Extraordinary expenses include, but are not limited to a) weekend events which require room set up and breakdown, housekeeping services, security or multimedia services b) linens provided by the Special Events Office c) extended building hours for an event; and d) extra security needs.