Take the Lead, Add an MBA

Dual-degree MBA programs offered through the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Carey Business School prepare graduates who are exceptional at patient care and safety as well as effecting change at the health care leadership and corporate levels. These are communicators, collaborators, thinkers, and doers with the skills and insight to look beyond day-to-day operations to solve problems at the bottom line: where patient care, nursing administration, and finance meet. Find out which flexible program best suits your career goals as a leader in health care and administration, as an entrepreneur, as a thought leader and problem solver.


MSN (Healthcare Organizational Leadership)/MBA

Health care is a business, and nurses must often juggle medical, ethical, and financial considerations when performing their job. With that responsibility, though, comes the ability to affect genuine change for nurses prepared through the MSN (Healthcare Organizational Leadership)/MBA track. Graduates of this dual-degree program remain the very best at patient-centered care while also leading health organizations toward policies that preserve budgets even as they save lives. Learn from top faculty of the renowned School of Nursing and Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School in a program that opens doors to leadership in all facets of health care.

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Executive Doctor of Nursing Practice(DNP)/MBA

An Executive Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a ticket to the front line of health care, where organizational vision is set. Now you can simultaneously pair that with a Master of Business Administration degree, matching your ability to provide the very best patient-centered care with your creativity and expertise in finding cost-effective means of providing it. Learn from top faculty of the renowned School of Nursing and Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School in a program that allows you to set your own intellectual path while positively impacting the future of health care systems.

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The Flexible MBA

The Flexible MBA at the Carey Business School approaches business with humanity in mind. The program focuses on real-world skills and business fundamentals viewed through a lens of integrity and ethics. Students and graduates come from a wide variety of industries with a goal in common: to nurture their growth into thoughtful, inclusive leaders as well as to find business solutions that support more than just the bottom line.

The part-time program (on-site, online or both) is tailored to the demands of your professional and personal life, letting you stay on your career track while earning your degree in as little at 3 years (or take up to 6).

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