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Tuition Assistance Increases for Hopkins Nurses


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Posted: 6/6/2007

Employees of the Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation (JHHSC) and Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) now will receive up to $15,000 tuition assistance per academic year to attend the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON).  The increased assistance is available–after 60 days of employment–to all full-time employees and to part-time employees who work at least 20 hours per week.

According to a memo from JHHSC/JHH Human Resources Vice President Pamela Paulk, the increase to $15,000 was made in response to a “commitment to training and retaining a high quality nursing staff.”   Previously, the JHHSC/JHH tuition benefit for the School of Nursing was set at a maximum of $10,000 per academic year.  Employees who accept the tuition assistance will agree to work for JHHSC/JHH for a specified period of time.

JHUSON Dean Martha N. Hill applauds the increase, noting that the School of Nursing will “work closely with prospective students to open doors to the excellence of a Johns Hopkins Nursing education and to help them build and enhance their careers–the most exciting in health care today.”  Hill adds, “We also will work with students to maximize their opportunities to practice within the nations number one ranked hospital and affiliated organizations.”  

In addition to an outstanding baccalaureate program offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the numerous JHUSON graduate options–now ranked fourth among peer institutions nationwide by U.S. News & World Report–include the number two ranked community/public health programs, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, combined degrees such as the Masters of Science in Nursing and Masters in Business Administration, and others described at www.son.jhmi.edu/academics.

For more information regarding the tuition benefit, contact Armentia Berryman at 410-614-3042 or refer to the Tuition Assistance Policy, HR332, for a complete description at www.hopkinsmedicine.org/jhhr.