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Hopkins Nursing Builds Capacity in Learning Technologies


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Posted: 8/4/2009

New and emerging technologies that drive and enhance learner achievement are among the high priority initiatives now being implemented at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON).  As the fall semester approaches, the School is expanding its learning technologies capacity through the addition of two new instructional designers and a nationwide search for an Assistant Dean for Information and Technology Integration.

The new Assistant Dean will lead the School’s strategies to advance through technology learner achievement and teaching outcomes.  An instructional designer and an instructional technology manager have also been hired to introduce a new course management system and to implement emerging technology tools that will make nursing education and learning more flexible and global.

“Having strong leadership and expertise, in addition to being innovative and on the cutting edge is a vital part of moving forward in technology and becoming a center of excellence in teaching,” says Dr. Pamela Jefferies, JHUSON Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  “I am extremely delighted with the new roles because part of our mission is to promote learning across the globe by increasing mobility.”

Theron Feist, JHUSON Instructional Technology Manager, previously served as Senior Enterprise Developer for the Enterprise Services Group at Johns Hopkins Information Technology (IT@JH) where he managed the myJH enterprise portal development and various other projects. Feist holds a masters degree in Communications, Computing, and Technology in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University. Throughout his career he has worked extensively on emerging technologies, infrastructure development, and technology integration for schools, school districts, and higher education institutions. With over 15 years of professional , software development, and project management expertise Feist is a valuable addition to JHUSON.

Working with Feist is Emily Jones who will serve as the School’s Instructional Designer. Jones has been creating innovative solutions for teaching and learning in collaboration with faculty and subject matter experts for nearly 10 years. She first came to JHUSON as an instructional designer with the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing (IJHN) where she focused on the recently launched online Guided Care Nursing Course. She also served as an Instructional Designer for the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals program, designing courses for their online master’s degrees.

Emily came to Johns Hopkins in 2007 from The Ohio State University (OSU) where she fused new pedagogical approaches with technology initiatives as a Learning Technology Manager for the Center for Life Sciences Education. Emily holds a master’s degree from OSU in Education Policy and Leadership with a focus on Instructional Design and Technology. Her research focused on the strategic, cultural, political, and emotional challenges that faculty face when teaching large undergraduate courses.

Dr. Anne Belcher, Director of the JHUSON Office of Teaching Excellence adds, “Its very exciting to see the School moving forward with excellence in every front as it strides to integrate technology and instruction.  These added resources will play an integral part in heading this effort as the School explores its resources for integrating learning technologies in both the classroom and clinicals.”